Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Next 2 Years of My Life...

So my call came on Thursday and I am going to be spending the next 2 years of my life serving in the Ecuador Guayaquil North Mission! I leave on July 22 to the Provo MTC where I will be learning Spanish. I was a little surprised to be going to South America because everyone was saying that if calls come on Thursday, that means you'll be in the states. That's obviously not true though :) haha. Guayaquil is the largest city in Ecuador and it is the capital, with about 3 million people. Here is the wikipedia link if you want to read about Guayaquil

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Alma Clark said...

I served there and it was absolutely awesome. The mistake I made was to not admit that I was goingnthrough culture shock. Once I admitted that and just accepted things down there as normal I had a blast. Work Hard and Play Hard. There is no reason that you can't have fun. The gospel is fun and should make you happy if you are living it. Good Luck, Buena Suerte, and give all my love to the Ecuadorians.

Alma Christopher Clark