Monday, May 31, 2010


Hola mi querida familia!

How's everybody doing? Great, I hope! Things have been great here in the usual :)

First, I gotta say thanks for some packages. Trevor and Nicole, thanks for the package with all of the pics and the Fizzing Skittles, those were so good! haha And mom and dad...I got like 4 packages last week :) haha Lesson pamphlets, Strength of Youth, Purpose of Life, Holy Temples pamphlets, Gila Valley Temple brochure, Guayaquil Temple pics, Sour Candy chewy warheads (I wouldn't mind more of those :) ), letters, socks, cetaphil, TEMPLOS magazines, the Proclamation, Living Christ, Liahonas about Jesus Christ. Thanks for EVERYTHING!!! I love getting packages :) haha

Something really random...this week I heard Single Ladies. Carlie, it made me think of that one video...I think you know the one I'm talking about. I couldn't stop laughing when I remembered that video lol.

After weeks of having nobody with baptism dates in Vinces, this week we put 3 Baptism dates! And found a bunch of new people who are interested in listening about the true Gospel. The Lord really does bless us when we keep working hard and perservere in difficult times. That reminds me, yesterday I gave a talk in Sacrament meeting about Adversity. It went well, I talked a little about Nefi and his bow...and about José Smith in Liberty Jail (D&C 121 and 122 I love those 2 sections).

And finally...yesterday was the last day of change number 6. Last night at about 1015pm I got a call from President Gamboa. First he asked me what I was doing. I said I was waiting. He asked what I was waiting for. I said I was waiting for 1030pm so I could go to sleep. Then he asked if I was waiting to be District President in Vinces. A kind of nervous laugh was all that left from my mouth. Then he asked if I was willing to do what the Lord wants me to do. I said yes. He said OK, you have a new are going to be ZONE LEADER and you should start packing your bags cause the APs are going to call in a few minutes with more details. So I started packing my bags and the APs called and all they said was that I needed to be in Guayaquil at 8am today (monday).

So today we woke up at 4, got ready, and went to the clothes Mamita's house to pick up my clothes at 5am. They gave me a little farewell with oreos and milk. And then we went to Guayaquil. When we got to the bus terminal in Guayaquil I met my new companion. He is Elder Estrada from Colombia. He has 21 months in the mission, and he is zone leader too. I am in a zone called Libertad, in a sector called Salinas. It is right on the beach! It is still hot here, but there is a constant breeze that makes it slightly more bearable. We are zone leaders of 14 missionaries (I think) and 4 of them are Hermanas. Elder Estrada only has 2 days in this sector, so we are pretty equally lost here lol. But we found internet and that's all that matters! haha The bus ride was about 2 1/2 hours in a bus with air conditioning! It was so nice lol.

Well, that's all the news for this week. I'm a zone leader now. I don't know what I'm doing...but if He wants me to do it, then I know that He will help me to do it. 1 Nephi 3;7 The mission is an amazing experience and I can feel the help of the Lord SOO much! I know I wouldn't be able to do it without Him. And I wouldn't be able to do it without the amazing support and prayers and letters of all of you! I LOVE YOU ALL SOOOOO MUCH!!!! Thanks for everything...keep up the good work up in the States!

Love you!!!
Love, Elder Beck

Monday, May 24, 2010

10 Months...?

Hola mi querida familia!!

How's everybody doing this week? Sounds like there has been some fun with the birth of Lyla Grace :) I can't believe I have 8 nieces and nephews now...and I can't believe how CUTE every one of them is! We DO have a good-lookin family :)

Another thing that I can't believe is that I passed my 10 month-er in the mission already. Saturday was the 10 month mark :) Time FLIES so fast! It's really a lot of fun and it is such a great experience to be in the mission. But 10 months is really close to 1 year...and people say after the 1 year mark the time goes even faster. What?! But how is that even possible?? We'll see what happens :)

Today is 'super' p-day :) So, we cleaned the house extra-good this morning. It was my turn to clean the bathroom, and that thing needed an OCD cleaning...and that's what I did lol. I don't understand some peoples' ideas of 'clean''s a little gross sometimes haha.

Yesterday something funny happened when we were teaching a lesson. We were teaching an Hermana about faith and how it is things that you can't see but you can feel and know that they are true. We like to compare it with the heart of the investigator. We say something along the lines of, "For example, you have never seen your heart, but you believe that you have a heart, right?" And they always say yes and then we ask why they believe they have a heart, and then they say it's cause they can feel it. And that's how it is with faith :) But yesterday it happened a little My comp started saying "you have never seen your heart..." and the hermana interrupted him and said (with attitude) "Actually, I have seen my heart. I had open-heart surgery and I watched my heart on all of the monitors and stuff." -In my head "Alrighty then!" haha- I almost laughed out loud, cause that never happens. It was funny. And then we started to explain that MOST people haven't seen their heart but they know that it is there cause they can feel it. haha From now on, I'll be asking if they have had open heart surgery BEFORE using that example lol.

I did another baptism interview on Saturday. It went well :) First thing when the guy walked in, he started telling me what every commandment included...I had to calm him down and explain that I would ask some questions and he could answer calmly and that there was nothing to worry about lol. I think he is pretty excited to get baptized :) Fun experiences haha

Well, that's it for this week. It has been a pretty normal missionary week :) Any day this week could possibly be CHANGES. I'll for sure be letting you know all about that next week, if there are changes or not. We're hoping for NOT...but who knows what'll happen??? haha I love you all SOOO much! Thanks for everything! Give new baby Lyla lots of kisses from Uncle Pat :)

Love ya!
Love, Elder Beck

Monday, May 17, 2010


Elder Baum and I in Babahoyo :)

GIANT I look like Adam? lol jk


300 days?!

Hola mi querida familia!!!

Como están todos? Espero que todos estén bien :)

So, today Mom told me that I've been in the mission for 300 days...and I can't believe it! I don't know where the time has gone? The mission is such a great experience, and it goes by SOOO fast! Before I know it, I'll be at the 1-year mark...and everybody says that once you reach 1 year, the time goes even faster than ever. I can't really imagine that...haha But it's all good and I am enjoying every minute of the 'mish' :)

So, last Tuesday we did a little more traveling and we went to Babahoyo for Zone Conference. Every time I go there, I feel like I'm 'home' again cause that's where I started haha. It's fun to see the members and everybody from there :) Anyways, there was something extra fun in this Zone Conference, especially for the gringos haha. The APs did there whole talk/presentation in ENGLISH!!! When they first started talking I though to myself 'What are they saying???' And then I concentrated really well and realized that it was a language that I am fluent in lol. And afterwards, hermana Gamboa said that every one of the North Americans (that's what they call the people from the US) had a huge smile on their face when they were speaking english and that soon ALL of the conferences will be in English! So that will be fun and interesting. Almost all of the Latinos said they understood nothing, but my comp said he understood most of it. I've got a smart comp ;) haha

This week Elder Contreras has been sick with apparently the same thing I had when I threw up all over the side of the bus lol. Except he never threw up...he's NEVER thrown up in his life, even when he was a baby! I told him that he needs to throw up so that he can experience how good you feel AFTER throwing up haha. But, he doesn't even throw up when he puts his finger in his throat so I guess that's a lost cause lol. Since he was sick, we were in the house almost all day Thursday and he was sleeping. It gave me some time to update my journal, which was greatly needed haha. He's feeling better now though, so no worries :)

I already told mom that I need more pants. This week all of my pants looked really old..and they are baggy. I've lost about 15 pounds since Babahoyo :) I'm not sure how I keep losing weight, cause we eat S O O O much lol. It must be the constant sweating, I guess :) There is a member that makes and sells hamburgers that are DELICIOUS and one week we ate like 4 of those haha. And this week those Hermanas that helped us with Luis and Maribel are going to make us each a giant plate of french fries...and I can't wait haha. So, no need to worry about me being hungry :)

Well, I think that's it for this week :) I love all of you SO much!! Thanks for everything. Keep a smile on your face and always remember to pray and read the scriptures. By small and simple things, great things are brought to pass.

Love you!
Love, Elder Beck

Monday, May 10, 2010


Hey family!!!!!

First off, yesterday. That was the BEST way EVER to start the day, talking with all of you! SO great to hear your voices and hear that everyone is doing good. Happy Mother's day, once again, cause they are still celebrating it here :) haha

I got 2 packages, one last week and one today! Thanks for everything! Last weeks-gum, peanut butter, pb M&Ms, church news, Al's school pic (cute :)), and letters! And the one I got today- the scriptures for E Contreras (He says thanks!), socks, the David Bowman art cards (those new ones are SO great!), the Priesthood Ordinance helper cards, oreos, and HLJ rings! Thanks so much! The one that I got today got here SUPER fast! It took 10 days to leave your hands and be in my hands :)

Next package could you please send Cetaphil? The kind in the bottle, not the bar soap kind. The bottle kind works better.. Thanks!!!! :)

By the way, I'm writing late today cause last night we got a call saying that we had Interviews with Pres Gamboa in Quevedo (about 3 hours away). Those went well and we got back to Vinces as fast as we could to write :)

So, I wrote down something that I wanted to tell you on the phone, but I was so excited to talk to you that I didn't tell it to you! haha But, that means that there's something to write today :) lol

Luis was ordained a Priest a couple weeks ago! And last week he blessed the Sacrament! That was such a neat experience for me :) And last week, he bore his testimony in fast and testimony meeting and said he was thankful for Elder Contreras and I and the 3 Castro Hermanas and that we helped to save his life and that we were like guardian angels. The Spirit was PODEROSO (powerful). All I could do was smile...I'm so thankful for these experiences.

Random....there is a brand of ice cream here that is called 'Pu-Pu' (pronounced poo-poo) lol. I always laugh when I see it...who would want to eat PuPu ice cream?! Not I'm not sure what pu-pu means in spanish...but hopefully not what it sounds like in English haha.

Well, That's it for this week! I love you all so much! Before we know it, we'll be talking on the phone again at Christmas-time!!!!! But until then, we'll just have to email alot :) haha Thanks for everything! I hope mom and sisters had a great Mother's Day! I love all of you!!!!!

Love, Elder Beck

Monday, May 3, 2010


Hola mi querida familia!

First off, I can't believe that it is MAY already!!!! I don't know what happened with April....I blinked and then it was gone! haha Time is flying by....and this Sunday I already get to TALK ON THE PHONE with the fam! I am SO excited! It seems like just yesterday we were talking on Christmas Eve. Good times.

La llamada (the phone call) will be at 6am AZ time...8am Ecuador time. A little early, I know. But the other Elders are going to be talking in the afternoon and I don't want any problemos with our phone call :) haha The number is 005 938 759 2008 (I hope that is right...if you haven't called at about 6:10, I'll make a quick call home lol). I am really excited to hear everyone's voices. Hopefully everybody will be able to go over and talk at that time :) Hopefully by then I will be able to hear Lyla's voice ;) haha

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ON THE 5TH NICOLE! Love ya and hope you have an amazing day!

So, the other night on our way home, we stopped to visit with some members. We were outside their house, across the street, when we saw something move on the roof. They said that it was just a cat, because cats always play on the roof at night. But, we kept watching at noticed that it definitely did not have a cat tail. More like a RAT with a tail about the length of my arm from the elbow to the fingers. It was a HUGE rat. It looked like an oppossum....maybe it was an oppossum...but either way it was pretty nasty lol.

Speaking of nasty animals, we saw a big snake smashed on the road the other day. That's the only way I like to see snakes...smashed on the road lol. Lot's of people are saying that there are lots of snakes when it starts raining less (right now-in May) but so far, the only snake we've seen was that one...and I hope I don't see another one haha.

Random question...what's the population of the entire United States?

This week, I was able to see the power of faith and Priesthood blessings once again. The power of the priesthood is something amazing, and I am so happy to be able to help the people in that way. Miracles happen with faith and the power of the Priesthood.

Well, that's it for this week...until we TALK on Sunday! I can't wait! I love you all SOOO much! I can't say enough how much I love you all. You're the best family anyone could ask for :)

Love, Elder Beck