Monday, December 27, 2010

Chili's, Chatting, and Chancho

Hola mi querida familia!!!!

Well, this week was just AMAZING!!!! And from what I've read in the letters I've received, it sounds like the PHONE CALL was the highlight of everyone's week. It was most definitely the highlight of my week. I just loved hearing from everyone..I never get enough of hearing your voices. It's great to read letters every week and all, but it's just not the same as talking and hearing your voices haha :) Before we know it, we'll be talking again in May. It's crazy how fast time goes by! Here comes 2011 :)

THANKS A TON FOR THE PACKAGES I GOT THIS WEEK!!!!!!!! Tie savers, Christmas pillowcases (we all love them and are using them ;) ), Templos Liahona, Peanut Butter, Liahona Zipper Pull, Grow Toy Santa (he is growing as we speak haha), Nativity, Candy Canes, Foamy Stickers, Stephen's Peppermint Hot Chocolate, PEZ, Pics with Friends, Pics of Jamison and Gavin, Conference Liahonas, Christ Images, cards from all the Fam, Church News, and an awesome purple tie!! I love all of it! And my comp says thanks for all the gifts he received too :)

Other big news this week was something that I talked a little bit about on the phone. We had FIVE BAPTISMS on Saturday, Christmas Day! It was such an AWESOME baptism service. There were 4 people from 1 ward that got baptized, and one person from the other ward. And 60 people came to the baptism service, including 3 investigators. So, you could basically say that it was a big success. Sometimes we are lucky if 10-15 people come to a baptism...and I was a little nervous that that would happen with it being Christmas morning and everything. But, I was pleasantly surprised :) And everything was just perfect. There was even a special musical would be nice if the people here knew how to sing, but I'll just have to forgive them for not being able to least they try ;) lol. But really, it was so awesome. Henry's (Stefania's uncle) wife Jessica came and she looked so happy so we ae going to work hard with her so that the entire family can be together forever :) And the baptismal font was clean enough to pass the Sister RM's inspection lol. Afterwards, there was a lot of soda and junk food for people to snack on and it was all just great. I felt so happy.

On Sunday, all 5 got to Church on time and were all confirmed. I confirmed one of them and that was the first time in my life I had ever done that...and in Spanish. But it went well :) And then Henry bore his testimony. I think we all know how it feels when a recent convert gets up to bear his testimony...everybody's on the edge of their seats, hoping that he doesn't say anything too weird, or something that's not true, or that they're not used to 'Mormon' vocabulary and it just sounds kinda weird. You know what I'm talking about, right? lol Well, Henry's testimony was NONE of that :) It was simply beautiful. The Spirit was so strong and I felt so happy to have been able to play a small part in helping him know the truth :)

On Sunday we were also invited to a Christmas dinner. They gave us pork ('chancho' in Spanish), which we almost never eat cause we can only eat one brand of pork that is kinda expensive. It was REALLY good :)

Today we did a Zone Activity! We played soccer for about 2 hours and then ate A LOT of pizza while watching a biography of Pres. Hinckley. It was a lot of fun! And I'm sure that tomorrow I won't be able to walk lol.

We went to Chili's last week, as I mentioned on the phone and it was DELICIOUS. I miss American food, but I think we all know that lol.

Well, this weekend is the beginning of 2011, so HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!! I hope you all have a great holiday. I love you all TONS!!!!! Thanks for everything you do for me, thanks for your examples, for your letters, for your prayers, for your EVERYTHING!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!

Love, Elder Beck


Zone Activity

Rosa and her daughter..the RM

Jessica, Henry, Andy, Jonathan, Kevin


Love you!!

Monday, December 20, 2010


Hola mi Querida Familia!!!

First, the big and exciting news is that on Friday, Christmas Eve, I will get to TALK with all of you on the phone!!!! I'm SO excited that I almost can't wait...but I have to lol. It will be awesome to hear everyone's voices. The phone call will be at 1230 AZ time, 230 Ecuador time (don't forget Dad ;) lol). There isn't much time to write, but that's ok today, cause I can tell you a bunch of stuff on the PHONE! :)

But, THANKS FOR THE PACKAGE that I got last week! Missionary figurines, chocolate almonds, blessing and ordinance cards, M&Ms, and Thanksgiving letters! I love all of it! It's always great to receive packages ;)

This week I saw Mountain of the Lord for the first time in's not so good in Spanish lol. I wanted to hear the guy say 'By RAIL!!!!' with the thick scottish accent! And it's not the same to hear Brigham Young speaking in Spanish and saying 'I will not move from this spot until I know what I am to do.' lol But, it's still a good movie, and some day I'll be able to see it again in English :)

This week my companion and I have been running around like a head with its chicken cut off (lol) getting things ready for the baptisms this Saturday! I'm so excited for that, and excited that people want to get baptized on Christmas Day. That will be a great gift for Jesus :)

Well, I'll save the rest of the news for FRIDAY when I get to TALK on the PHONE with all of you!!! I love you SOOOOOOOO much! Thanks for writing! MERRY CHRISTMAS ON SATURDAY!!!! I love you!

Love, Elder Beck

Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday, FunDay

Hola mi querida familia!!!!!

How's all the fam doing this week??? I am doing great this week :) Today is Monday, and I love mondays! We're not doing anything out of the ordinary today, but Monday is FunDay cause I get to write to my family and read your letters...and I LOVE that! And I love next week cause next week is CHRISTMAS!!! And I'm guessing that next week will be PHONE CALL week! We still haven't heard officially what day we'll be able to do the phone calls, but last year it was any day the week of Christmas and I think it'll be the same this year. I'll have to let you know the day and the time next week though, cause I'm not 100% sure.

THANKS FOR THE PACKAGE that I received last week!!!! Peanut butter, CTR rubber band bracelets, sour patch kids, beef jerky, card from Aunt Michele (Thanks Michele!!!!), ADORABLE pics of Emma, Regan, and Lyla, Spanish stickers and bookmarks, General Conference Ensign, Church News, article about Gilbert temple, and letters. THANKS a ton! I love getting packages :)

So, the big news of this week is that we went to the TEMPLE!!!!! We went on Wednesday morning, and Elder Muhlestein and Elder Baum were there, so it was fun to see them :) There are only 1 or 2 "gringos" who go home before us and then we'll be the oldest "gringos" in the mission. That makes me feel Time goes by so fast! Anyways, we got there a while before our session so we got to do some Initiatories and that was amazing. It is crazy to think about how much stuff I had makes me want to go A LOT when I am back home! It feels so great to be in the can really feel that it is the Lord's house. It's great to be able to help people who have passed away by going to the temple, too. After initiatories we did a session and that was great too. After the session we ate lunch in the temple (chicken, rice, soup...woo hoo! lol) And then we had our Zone Conference in the Temple's hotel, which is right next to the temple....just like last year. This year, the temple president didn't talk to us in the Zone Conference though. It was all so spiritual though, and it helped me get more excited to keep up the hard work, and help a lot of people to find the way back to our Heavenly Father's presence.

Speaking of hleping people find the way back to our Heavenly Father's presence, there are some people who are progressing and excited to get baptized on Christmas! I think there are 7 people who are almost for-sure baptisms for that day :) We have been working hard and praying a lot and it is really paying off. The Lord is hearing our prayers and blessing us for our hard work. It feels so good to be a missionary!

Well, that's the news for this week :) It's not much, but hey, some weeks are like that haha. I hope that you guys all have a great week :) I hope you all can always feel how much I love you. I pray for all of you every day. Thanks for all of your prayers for me :) Thanks for all of the letters! I LOVE hearing from you. And next week I'll actually get to HEAR from you! :D

I love you!!!!!!!
Love, Elder Beck

PS. Here are some pics

Me at the temple...that's my Christmas card for this year ;)

My comp and I by the Christmas tree in the Temple's hotel (I look like a peacock...)

And the pic I took of myself...of course ;) ENJOY!!! Love you all!

Monday, December 6, 2010


Burgers and Fries!

I love to see the Temple. I'm going there someday....ON WEDNESDAY!!!!! ;)

Love you! I think it's been a long time since I've sent pics...sorry. But I hope you enjoy!

Love, Elder Beck


Hola mi querida familia!!!!

How's everybody doing this week? I'm still doing great...and hopefully that never changes :) My throat started hurting for a couple days this week (like it always does around Christmas time) but I'm already better. It's not very fun to have a sore throat and try and talk all day preaching the Gospel lol. But that's just another one of the Lord's blessings...I got better fast :)

Last Tuesday we had a fun surprise in our District Meeting. President Gamboa showed up without telling anybody and basically took control of the whole meeting. He wanted Elder Barrientos and I to think of a new way to receive referrals from members...and luckily, the week before, Elder Barrientos and I had been working on exactly that! And it had been working great for we presented it to our zone and President Gamboa. Everybody commented on what they liked and what they would change...there was almost nothing that they said they would change ;) And Pres. Gamboa congratulated us for being creative and working and said he liked our idea! So that made me happy :) And then he interviewed some of the other Elders after and that took a long time..sounds like some of them have been having some challenges with companions. Thankfully everything has been great with every one of my companions! But, we have some Elders to help out with that now :)

On Friday we had Mission Leadership Council (counsel?) with all of the Zone Leaders. And President Gamboa asked Elder B and I to present our way to receive referrals to all of the ZLs...and they liked it, too. But Pres. Gamboa told them that it's not something that they should copy, but an example that they can work with and make it better. And that's what we're trying to do, too...think of ways that we can make it better :) And afterwards they gave us some DELICIOUS sub-type sandwiches that kinda reminded me of Subway's toasted subs (I miss American food lol).

Last night, we went to the Christmas Devotional and it was great. I remembered the AWESOME song from last year's devotional. The music this year was great too, but not like last year. I loved Pres. Monson's story about the poor german lady who cleaned the american soldiers' house at Christmastime. And I pretty much loved all of the talks :) haha It's so great to hear from the Prophet and his counselors! And I loved Silent Night! It reminded me of Christmas Eve back home.... ;)

I think we all know what is coming up in a couple of weeks...a PHONE CALL!!!!!!!! I'm guessing it will be the week of Christmas like last year, but we're not sure yet. But I decided that I would send you the phone number now, so that I don't forget in the next couple of weeks haha. I'll be sure and let you know when I know when we can call and we can work out all of that exciting stuff. I can't wait to talk to all of you on the phone! I love you!!!!

This Wednesday we are going to the TEMPLE!!!!! I am SOOO excited...once a year is not nearly enough! lol I've got a nice, new, long-sleeve, white shirt to wear to the temple too :) So, this month probably would not be able to get any better...a phone call home AND a trip to the temple! AND people that are getting ready to be baptized :) The Moran family (the relatives of Stefanía that got baptized a while back) came to the Christmas Devotional and said they loved all of it. I loved Pres. Eyring's words that seemed like they directed right at that family...basically telling them that it is time already for them to get baptized lol. I love being a missionary! I love this Church. Yesterday I had the opportunity to bear my testimony in both of our wards, and it feels so great to do that :) I love you SOOO much family!!!!! Thanks for being awesome, always. Thanks for supporting me. Thanks for being examples to 'look up' to ;)

Love, Elder Beck