Monday, July 26, 2010

One year older, and wiser too...

.....Happy Birthday....TO ME!! haha
Random, but that song just popped into my mind when I was reading all of your letters saying happy hump day :)

So, how is la familia this week? I hope everyone is great :) Sounds like everyone had a great week last week from the letters that I just read. I LOVE reading everyone's letters every week. I always look forward to mondays haha.

Well, as you all know, thursday was my one-year 'click' in the mission. I celebrated by buying a big ice cream bar for my comp and me :) They are like Dove ice cream bars...delicious! And the next day, I wanted to keep celebrating so we went to this dessert place called 'Dolupa' where they sell all kinds of cakes. And I bought a slice of cake for my comp and me ;) My comp couldn't finish his slice, so I was happy to help him lol.

This week we receieved a call from Hermana Gamboa saying that we should look for a new house. So, Elder Estrada and I have been doind a bit of house shopping this week. So far we haven't found anything that fits in the mission's budget. But there ARE a lot of apartments right on the beach in Salinas for sale or for rent.... (hint hint ;) haha) I've been thinking this week that we definitely need to come to Salinas some time after the mission. :)

On Saturday there was a stake Pioneer day celebration. It was...........interesting. lol Basically each ward was dressed up like pioneers (and when I say 'dressed like pioneers' I mean they had an apron on and piece of fabric on their heads lol) and they read pioneer stories from old Ensigns lol. And one ward acted out the scene from Legacy where the ox is too tired to keep pulling the wagon and the girl cries and says a prayer and the ox gets up. I think it was supposed to make the people feel what the pioneers went through...but all of the members were just laughing..cause the ox was a kid with a mask that looked almost like an ox lol. But our wards presentation was actually fun. They were actually dressed like pioneers and some of the young men and women did a dance to a 'techno' version of Cotton-eye made me think of Stake dances when we ALWAYS danced to that song (only we weren't dressed like pioneers lol).

This week I got the 'hump-day' letters from the CA Becks and I got some 'Arks and Parks' (arts and crafts) from Jamison, Emma, and Regan :) Thanks for all of that!

Well, that's the news for this week. I hope all of you have a great week. I love you all S O O O O O O O much! Thanks for everything fam :)

Love, Elder Beck

Monday, July 19, 2010


crab....gross lol Can you see the hairs on the legs?? :)

I saw that president's car was open, so I decided to go for a drive. lol jk An abandoned car on the side of the road :)

The zone :) With the 3 'gringos' sticking together in the back lol

Love ya!!!! Love, Elder Beck

traveling, swordfish, etc

Hola mi querida familia!!!!

How's every one doing this week? Everything is still great in Salinas :) This week I think it was actually cold here at night.... I'm not sure if it's just cause I'm not used to the cold now, or if it actually was cold lol. But it's nice to not constantly be sweating :)

Remember a few weeks ago when I wrote about the activity we had in the ward here where Elder Estrada and I did the life of a mini-missionary? Well, in a part of it, he was doing his personal study and reading a Family:Proclamation pamhplet. And we glued a picture from an Ensign of a girl in it so that it looked like he was only looking at his girlfriend during his study time lol. Well, this week we went to teach a lesson and we were going to teach about the Family so we decided to give them a pamphlet of the Proclamation. We gave them the pamphlet and while we were teaching they interrupted us and asked us why we had glued a picture of a girl on the pamphlet and they couldn't read the part we were teaching bahahaha. We had forgotten about that little detail :) But it was hilarious when we had to explain why the pic was there lol.

On Friday we went to Guayaquil for the Zone Leader Council for all of the zone leaders in the mission. It was a great meeting and we talked about goals and how to achieve them and our objective as missionaries. About half of the missionaries that were there are going home this change! E Rod was one of them..and Elder Estrada. And like 7 'gringos'! I don't know what we'll do without all of those missionaries. After these 7 gringos go home, there are only 2 more that have more time than the 3 that came with me. Elder Baum was there too, so that was fun to talk with him. We trained at the same time and became zone leaders at the same time :) We are hoping that we get to be comps again some time in the future. After the meeting we took pictures and they gave us all a giant toasted sub sandwich and french fries. It was SOOO good. I'm not sure what the sub had on it cause I was too hungry to care lol But it was tasty. Kinda like I miss subway!! haha

I did 3 baptism interviews on Friday night right when we got back from Guayaquil. Elder Estrada was in a meeting with the high council member from the stake in charge of missionary work, so he couldn't help me out with the interviews. But everything went great :) Lots of fun and responsibilities as a zone leader.

Today, I went to Guayaquil again with Elder Eng-Fo (a house comp.). He had to go there to get a medical test done and Pres. Gamboa asked him to come with me and not with his comp. I still don't know why Pres. wanted me to go, but we gotta do what he tells us to do...that's missionary life haha. So, now I'm tired of traveling in buses lol.

Yesterday I ate swordfish for the first time ever! And it was really salty and good! But it was weird to think that I was eating a swordfish lol.

Well, that's the news for this week! Thanks to everyone for wishing me a happy hump day on thursday! I can't believe that a year has passed. And everyone says this year will pass even faster! I love you all SOOOOOO much! Thanks for everything :)

Love, Elder Beck

Monday, July 12, 2010

Change #8

Hola mi querida familia!

Another change has come and gone and have I ever mentioned how FAST time flies by? I think I have...but I gotta keep saying it cause it keeps going even faster lol. Last night the APs called for the changes in the zone and only 2 missionaries left. One that is done with the mission. And another one that has a long time here. We thought that they would be the only ones leaving..and we guessed right :) So, Elder Estrada and I get to stay put. That means that I will be 'killing' him at the end of this change. This is his last change...and the missionaries say that you kill your comp when you send him to the house haha. I know, we're so violent! lol

So, last week I forgot to say THANKS for the package that I got 2 weeks ago! Sour gummy cubes, cheezits, tie (LOVE it..and so do all of the other missionaries haha), chapstick, and new gray pants! Thanks a ton!!!!!

And THANKS for the package that I got last week!!! It was the 'hump-day' package and I loved it! The letters from everyone were entertaining and hilarious....especially the little comments from the camel lol (how do you spell camel?? lol) The HUMPback whale, poprocks, gum, and energy vitamins! Thanks a ton! I love you!!!

This week we travelled a little to do house inspections in the whole zone. We have to go and make sure the houses are clean and report any damages and stuff like that. Fun stuff :) And all the houses were fine haha.

Do you guys keep all the letters I email home?? I hope so...cause sometimes I forget to write stuff in the journal but it's in the letters home. So if you're not keeping them....please start now :) Thanks!

Well, that's all the excitement for this week :) A pretty normal missionary-week. Oh yeah, I blessed the sacrament for the first time in spanish yesterday too :) haha All of the priesthood holders got to church really late yesterday lol. I love you all SOOO much! Thanks for all the letters and pics and everything that you guys send me :) I love all of it! I love you all tons!

Love, Elder Beck

Monday, July 5, 2010


Hola mi querida familia!!!

So, this week we are in the internet cyber that pretty much doesn't work again. Cause the other cyber is full of kids 'studying' for tests that are coming up this week. So I sent about a half hour trying to send my message to Pres. Gamboa (we have to do that first) and then I replied to mom and dad. And I'll have to reply to the rest next week. Sorry :( But I looked at all the pics that were sent and I LOVE them all! It looks like everyone is doing good :)

First, Happy Independence Day (yesterday) to everyone! I was remembering last year when we ate at Macayo's and watched the fireworks and had a ton of fun being together :) Good times! Next Independence Day, it will be practically time to come home...crazy!

My new favorite thing to make at home at night is milkshakes. That's something that they don't make here, and I don't know why I had never thought to make them?! lol I always use chocolate ice cream, oreos, and peanut butter. The first time I made one, I made one for my comp...but he didn't like it cause of the peanut butter. What?! How can he not like peanut butter?? lol Oh well...more milkshake for me :) haha

In the mall here in Salinas they always have old music from the states playing. This week, I heard Vanilla Ice (ice, ice, baby....) and I remembered the video we have from when I was little....good times haha.

Another experience with Luisa this week (not so spiritual like last's weeks experience..but you'll have to deal lol). We were teaching a lesson in a member's house and it was all going great (sort of). Those members are a little bit crazy... (Mom--remember the lady I told you about last week with the crazy outfit at church?? yeah, it was that family lol). Anyways, they are the only people that live close to Luisa, the dad is 1st counselor in the bishopric, and the mom is RS pres in the it was good for Luisa to get to know members :) haha We were teaching, about to finish up, and we were about to make the commitment....when Luisa kind of shouted 'There is something that is just tormenting me!' We all asked what was wrong and she was quiet for a few seconds.............and then she said 'It's just....I don't know how to tell you....ummm....' and we were telling her that she could tell us and that there was no problem and everything. And then she FINALLY said, 'Can I use your bathroom?' We all looked at each other and bursted out laughing.....we all thought she had some serious problem, but she just needed a bathroom lol. She is an interesting lady :) I hope the story is as funny in writing as it was actually being there :) If not, just laugh to make me feel good bahaha.

New seafood I tried this week: Crab. I was kinda excited to try it cause I've heard it's really good. But what a letdown!! It was not good at all lol. I had to choke it down pretending that I liked it haha. Way too much work for a little bit of meat that doesn't taste good. We had to break open the shell with our teeth and it had hair on it's was all in all gross lol.

Could you please send me a key-chain container for consecrated oil. Thanks! :)

Well, that's all for this week. I hope everything goes great this week for all of you. I love you SOOOOOOO much! Thanks for being such an amazing family :)

Love, Elder Beck