Monday, October 26, 2009

Last pday of my first change in ecuador!

Hola mi familia!! :)
So, It is already the last pday of my first change in ecuador and it has gone by so fast! And everybody says it just goes faster and faster, so that will be exciting.
Well...we were supposed to baptize the Ochoa family this upcoming weekend (on halloween) but they didn't come to church!! So HOPEFULLY they come to church this week and they can get baptized the following week :) Also, we tried to recommit Raul to baptism and he said he just wants to keep listening and he doesn't want to get baptized. We're trying to figure out what we can do with Other than that all is well in Babahoyo, Ecuador :) Yesterday we had 5 investigators from San Juan in church and that was exciting cause in my whole time here we haven't had ANY cause it's 1/2 an hour away and they don't have money.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO TREVOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :)
Mom, thanks for the list of addresses of everyone :) This week I finally got some dearelders that were sent while i was in the mtc. Not sure what took those ones so long, cause I got ones that were sent general conference weekend a week earlier lol. But they got here :) Also, someone wrote that people had sent packages...none have gotten here besides the first 3 that mom and dad sent. Hopefully everyone is using the GREEN STICKER for packages so that I get them haha :) :)
Mom and dad, there a couple things I would greatly appreciate you sending me :) Sunscreen (the Neutrogena kind...that kind costs like 25 dollars here lol), cetaphil face wash (they don't sell that here), Tide2Go pens (they don't sell those here), crest white strips (I just want those lol), and sour candy (I just want that too..they sell weird candies here lol). Other than that I'm set for a while haha THANK YOU! :D
Something kinda San Juan there is this big cemetary...and the whole thing is full of Plumeria trees! I always think of hawaii when we walk by smells so good haha. (I miss Dole ice cream though lol). Also, there have been some awesome sunsets this week! We live really close to a river and it is so pretty to watch the sun set on the river :) Fun stuff...
So, I've heard that this winter will be a pretty hard one from what they are predicting. I hope the weatherman is wrong (like normal) cause I don't want to walk around in water up to my knees every day lol.
I love all of you SOOOOOOOOOOO much! Keep praying and doing the 'small stuff' like scripture study and personal/family prayer...they really make a difference :)
Love ya!
Elder Beck

Monday, October 19, 2009

Hey Hey Hey

So, apparently i'm not meant to write my family this week cause i've typed and tried to send a letter about 4 times and it wouldn't send! Just know that I love you all SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much! And we had 12 investigators in church this week! :) 4 of which are planning on getting baptized on halloween! So that was excting. The baptism that was supposed to happen last saturday didnt happen. He said he wasn't ready.....AFTER he passed the interview! Weird..but everyone has agency! Hopefully next week i'll be able to write a real letter. Sorry fam, if i didn't reply to letters you emailed me. I tried, it wouldn't send them though :(
I love you all tons!
Love, Elder Beck

Monday, October 12, 2009

Another Week in Ecuador has been another week already! Time is speeding up now..the first couple weeks were slow lol.
Last week I saw my first Iguana...that was exciting lol. It was really long and brownish reddish. There arent many iguanas in this part of ecuador so I guess that was kinda rare haha.
Something kinda funny...Last week we were in San Juan (The part of our sector that is a 1/2 hour bus ride away) and we were at a members house and I asked to use the bathroom cause I had drank a bunch of water. She took me out back, to the corner of her backyard and said 'You can go right here.' hahaha! Luckily I didn't need to do any more than pee because I would have had to use a leaf or the chickens that were all around me to wipe lol. I love Ecuador :)
I made it through my first fast sunday in the mission field! haha It was even that bad cause we were sleeping or in church sitting down and resting for alot of it. I thought it was going to be really hard cause usually we're walking all over the place. But I did it haha know how in the United States, 12-year-olds are riding bikes around the neighborhood? Well in Babahoyo, 12-year-olds are zooming all around the city on motorcycles! It's scary lol.
The other night we were teaching a lesson outside someone's house and it went really well and everything and she is progressing. the 20 mins we were sitting there, I counted 5 rats that went into there house. GROSS!! lol The worst thing I've seen in our house are like little gnats (is that how you spell that? lol) But the people here are fine living with rats :P
Other than that, all is well and I'm learning alot and working hard! Today we had Zone Conference in Guayaquil and the new elders in the 3 zones that were there had to share their testimonies. Everyone was saying that my spanish was so that made me happy lol. It's still kinda hard to understand when natives talk though.
I'm out of time on here cause of the zone conference so I can't send any pics :(
Love, Elder Beck :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Week 2 in Babahoyo

Mi Familia :D
So...I´ve been in Ecuador for 2 weeks already!!! :) This week went by really fast, especially with conference weekend! Basically all we did Sat and Sun was watch conference and eat lunch at member's houses, and at night we visited a few people. We invited like 50 or 60 nonmembers/less-actives and 4 people came to Every one of them said they would be at at least one session. It's kind of a tradition here to lie, which is pretty sad. But oh well..we're doing the best we can and then they have their agency!
My favorite session of all of them, by far, was Priesthood Session. Priesthood and Saturday morning were the only sessions I got to see in English lol. The rest of the sessions I hardly understood, cause they use words that are hard to understand in English, let alone SPANISH! lol But it was all good :) We watched it at a Stake Center that had AC!!! It felt so great cause we had to wear our suits haha. My favorite talk was Elder Ballard´s talk in Priesthood many good things for fathers, sons, and RMs. I loved it.
The weather is still hot and really sweaty during the day..but we dry out at night so it's ok haha. It feels SOO good to come back to the apartment at night and put on basketball shorts and sit in front of the fan and drink water haha. I wouldn't say I'm used to the weather, but it's not unbearable. It actually feels really nice at night and in the morning. I'm just glad we don't have to wear suits...but I WOULD be ok if they wanted us to wear flip-flops lol. My shoes are really comfortable though...especially the 'more casual' ones. (I might want another pair of the 'more casual' black shoes that I bought :/ Not any time really soon but just some time on the mission. Cause they are much more comfortable for walking ALL day than the 'more dressy' ones. Would that be ok?)
Have I ever told you how much I just LOOOVE cold showers??? NOT!! lol I really don't like cold showers and they don't do hot water here...there's not even a knob where the hot water knob should be hahaha. So hot water is something I look forward to in 2 years lol.
Everyday at member's houses they give us SOOO much food. It's usually a giant mound of white rice with a little bit of meat and some sort of soup. It's not bad..some of it is actually really good. But it's not Mom's fajitas, or roast beast and potatoes and carrots, or ritz chicken...just to name a few things that sound really good right now lol. The other day one member gave us alot of meat and it was like beef jerky lol. And the only utensil you EVER see hear is a spoon. Try eating dry beef jerky with a spoon...seriously try's really hard lol. Yesterday with la familia Vallejo (where we eat every sunday) the food was so good though. They gave us some TASTY beef, rice (of course), and this salsa made from just tomatoes and onions and it was so good. And freshly squeezed orange juice. And they had a papaya the size of a WATERMELON! It was HUUUGE! I didn't believe them when they said it was a papaya, until I tasted it lol.
I got the packages you sent (mom, dad, and Al) at the District Meeting last Wednesday :) THANK YOU!! I love the sour punch straws and it felt so good to brush my teeth with the electric toothbrush! lol Thanks for my shorts, gum, vitamins, and deodorant too :) I also got the letter of pictures last week. That was fun to look at those. Cute outfit Alexa :) And cute faces Mom and Alexa in that one pictures. lol
Last week I got a call saying that I got a package sent with a White sticker..I don't know who sent it, but I had to send a paper saying that so and so could pick it up with my signature and stuff. And they asked me to remind my family to use the GREEN STICKERS :) (code CN22) They get here a lot faster that way and it's cheaper. Thanks!
Mom, Dad, and are so lucky you get to go see Weston and the rest of the CA Becks this weekend! Send pics :) I can't believe Weston is almost a month old! That went fast.
I LOVE YOU ALL TOOOOONS!!!!!! (Elder Bednar said to say it more and show it...this is the only way I can really show it :) lol)
Elder Patrick Grant Beck