Monday, August 31, 2009

Week 6

So..this has probably been one of the most UNeventul weeks here at the MTC. Minus the fact that Richard G. Scott was here on Tuesday. That was just AMAZING! But I already wrote a Looooong letter about that and hopefully everybody has heard about that already haha. Other than that, basically nothing has happened :) Gotta love the MTC haha. I can't wait to be in Ecuador (LIKE 3 MORE WEEKS) and have fun stories to write home about :)
Well, this week Elder Baum and I were supposed to teach a lesson in Spanish in the TEC (where they have teachers who pretend to be investigators) but the teacher had a sub who didn't speak spanish. (they hardly spoke english, either lol. They were from China) So we had to teach in was SOOOO weird. We kept starting our sentences in spanish, and then remembering that she didn't speak spanish because she would start looking at us weird lol. So, I guess we have made the transition to speaking in Spanish!
But we still have to wait a few weeks to go to Ecuador...I'm so ready to get out of this place now lol. Something exciting...we should have our flight plans by the end of next week!!! WOOHOO!!! Can't wait for that... :)
Well, I've got 15 mins left and nothing to say lol. So write back and I'll reply! :)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Week 5

So its another monday already!! And i have passed the one month mark. Pretty excting :) Time is going fast....
Thanks fam for the package of cookies! They were really good and soft :) We had a 1 month party last week and I brought a bunch of candy and stuff that I had gotten from you guys. It was lots of fun :)
So last week we taught a lesson on the Plan of Salvation and families and I took one of those photo albums that carlie, aby, and nicole made for thanks for that :) People had lots of fun looking at the pictures.
Something cool and exciting for me....the other night I was saying my personal prayer and I realized about halfway through that I was saying it in Spanish and I didn't even mean to! It was pretty neat :)
So a couple times in the past month our whole zone has done a tie-trade. I took a couple plain gray ones that I didn't really like and got some more bright-colored ones that I do like lol. During one tie trade some other elders got mad at our zone for doing a tie trade cause their zone isn't allowed to do tie was pretty funny. We checked with our branch president the next day to make sure we were allowed to do them and he said he wanted to come to the next one and get some new ties :) lol.
Elder Baum and I are now teaching ONLY in Spanish and we have a couple appointments a day to teach. It's been lots of fun and it really is helping us. There's a place called the TEC and you sign up on the computer to teach pretend investigators there in english, spanish, or whatever language you're speaking. It's so helpful!
Yesterday we got to see the Oquirrh Mountain Temple Dedication. They broadcasted it to a bunch of stake centers up here and the MTC. It was really neat. In some of the talks they mentioned stories about Guayaquil and Asunscion(where the other 5 guys in our district are going) so we felt like a pretty special district lol.
Mom and dad, am I supposed to get a flight reimbursement sometime while I'm here? Do you know when, if I am? Also, am I supposed to get a water purifier? I don't remember that being on the list but some people have been talking about them...
A couple times during firesides/devotionals we have sang Come, Come, Ye Saints. I now LOVE that hymn...everyone should read the words to it, it is great :)
The boy from HSM sang a duet last night at the Fireside and he was really good. It was a song about Joseph and Hyrum. And last night he was walking around saying his line from HSM ("Is that even Legal?!") and I could totally recognize that it was him. It was hilarious lol.
I think that's about it for now...I've got some time left over so reply and I'll try to reply today! :)
Elder Beck :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Week 4

So..its another pday already and i can't believe it!!! Time is flyin and people say it just goes faster in the field, so that will be fun :) The food is getting a little old...but its ok. I'm not hungry haha.
Sooooo...there have actually been some interesting things this week! haha First I'll start off with some sad news. My ipod screen is half broken :( I think it happened on the flight up here...yesterday was the first time i listened to it and the screen was partly black. but i can still make out what stuff says mostly so its ok. Also....a kid in my district decided today that he is going home :( We are really sad and a little bit shocked. He seemed like he was having a bit of a hard time, but apparently it was worse then people knew. My companion and I found out in the temple at the end of our session today. It kinda took away the temple mood pretty quick :(
On to some better/funny news though! We played softball against another district this week and my comp. was playing 1st base. someone hit the ball and ran to first and my comp was standing on the base about to catch the ball. But the kid who was running ran straight into my comp with his face! The kid fell on the ground and was bleeding all over the place from his eyebrow! He got to leave the MTC to get 10 stitches though so he was excited about that lol. He's doing fine ow...he got the stitches out today. Thankfully my comp didn't get hurt. Also, i got my haircut today...i seriously needed it lol.
Other than that, things are going pretty much the same! Thanks for the packages mom and aby :) That was fun to get those! I've still got 15 mins left so i'll be checking back a few more times :)

In letters to the family: Elder Beck says he can "mostly understand" the scriptures.
He was hoping that he'd get to see Elder Beatty the night before he left for Argentina, but didn't get the chance.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Week 3

Hey family!!!! I can't believe how fast time is going. The MTC has been lots of fun..but i am def glad that its going fast lol. I think the food rotations start over this week so we're starting to see the same stuff from my first couple days here lol.
Mom, will you please send deodorant and my long-sleeve underarmour gray shirt? It's been a little cold this week actually and our room is FREEZING at night haha.
I thought Emma would be excited to hear this.... There is a kid in my district that went to East High, but he wasn't in HSM haha. But...there is another kid in my zone who WAS in HSM #1 and he is the one in the cafeteria I think who says "Is that even legal?!" hahaha He has red look for him lol.
I got my patriarchal blessing reduced and laminated this week and I got my Spanish scriptures engraved with my name :) For FREE...if you get them from the MTC bookstore, they'll engrave for free :) Pretty sweet. Everything is so cheap there cause we get a missionary discount (like 40%) haha.
This past week our Tuesday night devotional was not from the top 15 again :( lol But it was Merril J Bateman. He is currently the provo temple president and I think he was the general sunday school president and some other stuff. So that was pretty cool :)
The spirit is SO strong here all the time. It's amazing. I wish i had more time to email so i could just tell you all the neat stuff that comes to my mind. Endowment session this morning was great...there were FIVE people going through for the first time so that was neat.
Well I can't think of anything else to write right now but I have 15 mins so write back and I'll try and reply today! :) It's 4pm right now and we can email until 6pm :)
Letters going in the mail tonight or tomorrow morning!
keep praying :)
Love, patrick
In letters to the fam: He's lost 4 lbs and we is exercising every morning.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Week 2

Hey everyone!!!!!
Dad, thats funny that it went to SPAM lol. It makes me feel great :) lol I'm glad i'm approved now, though haha. I love you...keep praying!
Mom, I didnt have extra time last week, but i think i will today! The temple is so great!! Today we did sealings and there were some CRAZY was kinda funny lol. Yeah, i really like dear elder cause we have alot more time to write than email :) "Church Drivel" was HILARIOUS!!! Keep praying :) love ya
Carlie, The eggs are just nasty. They just like squirt em from a tube. theyre not real eggs...butter wouldnt help lol. I hope brady's test went well! Thanks for ALL the dearelder letters. Me and one other guy get the most mail..but its not a competition haha. i dont think i can view pics...but i might be able to send them. ill try that some other time. in the field i can probably check ASU mail, not here though. The comps here are SOOO restricted lol. Love you!
Aby, I'm glad i get ice cream twice a week too, i look forward to wednesdays and sundays lol. im sleeping much better...but it takes a while to fall asleep. yes dearelder is easier to reply to :) LOVE YOU TOO!
 On tuesday there was a devotional and our district sang in the choir. it was really pretty song- "faith of our fathers" i think. We were expecting an apostle or something to speak cause they had all these telepromptors. But it was an emeritus 70 that i had never heard of lol. He had some really neat facts about translating the book or mormon though. haha We're hoping for an apostle tomorrow night...we're doing choir again so we for sure get seats. I'll let you know. :)
LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!!!! Write back fast and maybe i can reply. There's letters in the mail coming to all the fam!
Elder Beck
We have had a few chances to email and get replies today... quick conversations and a few questions answered- like that he liked the cinnamon rolls mom sent!