Monday, July 27, 2009

Week 1- MTC

HEY!Everyone can read all the parts of this, I'm just replying by letters that were sent to me. Carlie, just pick and choose parts to blog :) hahaha
Carlie (dearelder) All of the farewells were tons of fun, but yeah, I am kinda glad they're done haha. I'm actually doing ok withouth the shurse! I know, i never thought i could get along without it...I might want mom to send the electric toothrbrush when im in ecuador though. Our district leader picks up mail twice a day and I got yours and moms dearelder letters on Thurs i think. My comp doesnt have family pics so i dont know if he has a cute sister lol. My 3 roommates are all pretty cool and relaxed. One is usually pretty quiet and my companion says WHATEVER is on his mind. i love it :) No we havent shaved our legs yet, and im not planning to haha. Food is fine, but i can def see how it gets old pretty fast haha. i havent eaten aynthing out of a vending machine , so mom and dad should be proud :) You guys had a pioneer day celebration?! We were laughing about how only Utah celebrates that day lol. I LOVE you so much too! Thanks for writing!
Mom(hand-written letter from July 17) the MTC has been great. The first couple days were slow and a little overwhelming, but all is well now. i think i probably know the most spanish in our district of 10 elders. they all ask me questions haha. my companion IS funny. We kind of balance eachother out...he says everything thats on his mind and i'm a bit more quiet :) Oh man, i wish that i could be upstairs "sleeping in" but it actually isnt too bad to wake up at 630 when you goto bed at 1030 haha. ( I got your dearelder letter with carlie's dearelder letter) Thanks for being such AWESOME parents and helping me prepare for the mish. i love you guys.
E & R- thanks so much for the drawings! you 2 are amazing artists! thanks for your letters too :) Emma, i can't wait for your pics "all through the season" ;) I can't believe how pretty your flower drawings are. i love your testimony. i'm learning to say mine in spanish :) Regan, i cant wait to tell you mission stories. i went to the temple today and it was great and very pretty. Love you girlies!
Brent- yes im still figuring out where things are, but i can get around ok haha. speaking of the cafeteria, my favorite things are wraps and ice cream wednesday and sunday. They have TONS of toppings for ice cream. i am already loving the mission so i can't wait to look back on all of the fun, amazing, spritiual memories when its over. i am SOOOO glad we 'followed through' that was such a fun trip.
Zack-thanks for the picture! its my favorite colors and i love the little dolphins. Hawaii was a great trip, huh? I'm glad i could be an example to you :)
Aby-first off, i LOVE the paper and the little diolphin hole punches :) i'm glad i could teach your boys all that great stuff! i love being with them. what zack wrote in his journal is awesome!! :) I can already feel everyones prayers working, so thanks for those. thanks for your testimony. Love you too!!!
Mom (typed letter from July 25) Thanks for the letters from cam and kev. its great to hear what theyre saying. DANG ALEXA! good job golfing! And looking cute in new plaid shorts...:) So monday is Pday-which means check for emails all day monday haha. If i have time left after i write and send the email, i might be able to get back on later and reply if you guys have written back :) But we only have 30 mins total (7 left) so i can't promise anything haha. Ya ive seen cameron a couple times. on sunday after the devotional they play movies like the Joseph smith movie and i sat by cameron during that. OOPS, he's not cameron, he's ELDER BEATTY haha. thanks for the address stickers..if i ever get to write, they'll be very useful haha. For now though, i'm just replying to everyone in this email though. aww, i miss school shoppping in tucson...good times. YAY! I'm so glad ALECKSA BECKSA likes chick fil a now...we can eat there all the time in 2 years lol. OOH! can't wait for some more great socks haha. Brady and David are totally right about the silent first night lol. Good roommates, great classes with awesome teachers :) I'm learning alot of gospel spanish like prayer and testimony. I can say those 2 things like a 5 year old lol. The only nasty thing i've eaten is the eggs! haha
Dad, there'll be plenty of 'banter' in 2 years lol.
YW camp sounds like fun :) Thanks for all the support!! I need a copy of my call and i want the setting apart notes :) The spirit is so strong here :)Alexa, thanks for the note!!!30 seconds....I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!KEEP PRAYING!ELDER BECK

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