Monday, August 3, 2009

Week 2

Hey everyone!!!!!
Dad, thats funny that it went to SPAM lol. It makes me feel great :) lol I'm glad i'm approved now, though haha. I love you...keep praying!
Mom, I didnt have extra time last week, but i think i will today! The temple is so great!! Today we did sealings and there were some CRAZY was kinda funny lol. Yeah, i really like dear elder cause we have alot more time to write than email :) "Church Drivel" was HILARIOUS!!! Keep praying :) love ya
Carlie, The eggs are just nasty. They just like squirt em from a tube. theyre not real eggs...butter wouldnt help lol. I hope brady's test went well! Thanks for ALL the dearelder letters. Me and one other guy get the most mail..but its not a competition haha. i dont think i can view pics...but i might be able to send them. ill try that some other time. in the field i can probably check ASU mail, not here though. The comps here are SOOO restricted lol. Love you!
Aby, I'm glad i get ice cream twice a week too, i look forward to wednesdays and sundays lol. im sleeping much better...but it takes a while to fall asleep. yes dearelder is easier to reply to :) LOVE YOU TOO!
 On tuesday there was a devotional and our district sang in the choir. it was really pretty song- "faith of our fathers" i think. We were expecting an apostle or something to speak cause they had all these telepromptors. But it was an emeritus 70 that i had never heard of lol. He had some really neat facts about translating the book or mormon though. haha We're hoping for an apostle tomorrow night...we're doing choir again so we for sure get seats. I'll let you know. :)
LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!!!! Write back fast and maybe i can reply. There's letters in the mail coming to all the fam!
Elder Beck
We have had a few chances to email and get replies today... quick conversations and a few questions answered- like that he liked the cinnamon rolls mom sent!

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