Monday, September 21, 2009


HEY! I can't believe my time at the MTC is done! But I am ready to get out of here..if you didn't already know haha. This is the last time that I will be emailing from the US for TWO YEARS!!! Kinda crazy haha. I'm excited to talk to everybody tomorrow on the phone :)
Sooooo...something exciting actually happened last week! Crazy, I know.. haha But guess who was here on Tuesday night?!?!?! We were hoping that it would be Pres. Monson, cause he spoke at BYU earlier that day...but it wasn't him. But, it was ELDER HOLLAND!!!!!!!!!!!! It was SOO good :) I'm not gonna lie..I was a little nervous he would yell at us or pound the podium or something like I've seen him do before lol. But he stayed pretty calm the whole time. He was funny, spiritual, and it was just a great talk. And his wife spoke too and she was really good and she said that seeing pics of him still takes her breath away lol. It was a great last devotional :D
Half of our district left this morning to Paraguay...kinda sad but exciting! They don't get there till like 10am tomorrow lol. They have a 12 hour flight from Dallas to Buenos Aires, and then they go back up to Paraguay.
Something kind of sad...this past saturday was the FIRST DAY (besides sundays and labor day) that I didn't get mail! lol Thanks for writing me so much all of you! It has been so great to have letters every day...i'll miss that in Ecuador! haha
Lately, I've heard to enjoy the food in Ecuador because it is GOOD. So that's exciting. I've also hear they have really good juice and rice. Can't wait to try that stuff....and Guinea Pig haha. I've also heard that you can eat Iguana down maybe I'll get to try that lol.
Excited to talk to you guys tomorrow!
Elder Beck :)

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