Monday, September 7, 2009

Week 7

So today is P-day and Labor day....not a good combination for the MTC lol. The temple is closed on labor day, and there is no mail on labor day! The 2 best things about p-day...non-existent today lol. And there were no doughnuts at breakfast this morning..whats up with that?! haha But everything is going great here...plenty of time to write letters today! :) I am super excited for the end of this week because we should be getting flight plans!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait for that lol. 1 week from tomorrow we should be leaving :)
So, we had a fireside last week and the wife of somebody asked What is your missionary story? Who was the first member in your family? And I don't who is it? Or who are they?
Have you guys watched the 9/11 YouTube video on the homepage of It is really neat :) I love you all so much!!! :D
This week we got a new branch president. Funny story..every week we write letters to the branch president and then they go in this folder that our district leader gives to the branch pres. This week, Elder Baum put some of those fake bubblegum cigarettes in the folder just to be funny cause our OLD branch president was kind of a jokester.... BUT now we have a new Branch President so we're wondering what he'll think of that...? lol We won't find out till Wed. when he returns the letter. Hopefully he thinks its funny :/ lol
Not much else happened this of my new favorite hymns (in english) is "Gently Beams Our Father's Mercy." A group of Elders sang an AWESOME arrangement of it last night at the fireside A Capella and it was SOOO good. Try to find an a capella version of it online or something... I had never heard it before but now I love it lol.
Elder Beck :D

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