Monday, October 12, 2009

Another Week in Ecuador has been another week already! Time is speeding up now..the first couple weeks were slow lol.
Last week I saw my first Iguana...that was exciting lol. It was really long and brownish reddish. There arent many iguanas in this part of ecuador so I guess that was kinda rare haha.
Something kinda funny...Last week we were in San Juan (The part of our sector that is a 1/2 hour bus ride away) and we were at a members house and I asked to use the bathroom cause I had drank a bunch of water. She took me out back, to the corner of her backyard and said 'You can go right here.' hahaha! Luckily I didn't need to do any more than pee because I would have had to use a leaf or the chickens that were all around me to wipe lol. I love Ecuador :)
I made it through my first fast sunday in the mission field! haha It was even that bad cause we were sleeping or in church sitting down and resting for alot of it. I thought it was going to be really hard cause usually we're walking all over the place. But I did it haha know how in the United States, 12-year-olds are riding bikes around the neighborhood? Well in Babahoyo, 12-year-olds are zooming all around the city on motorcycles! It's scary lol.
The other night we were teaching a lesson outside someone's house and it went really well and everything and she is progressing. the 20 mins we were sitting there, I counted 5 rats that went into there house. GROSS!! lol The worst thing I've seen in our house are like little gnats (is that how you spell that? lol) But the people here are fine living with rats :P
Other than that, all is well and I'm learning alot and working hard! Today we had Zone Conference in Guayaquil and the new elders in the 3 zones that were there had to share their testimonies. Everyone was saying that my spanish was so that made me happy lol. It's still kinda hard to understand when natives talk though.
I'm out of time on here cause of the zone conference so I can't send any pics :(
Love, Elder Beck :)

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