Monday, January 31, 2011

Rain, rain Go away

Hola mi querida familia!!!

How is life up in the Northern Hemisphere? I'm guessing it's still kinda cold up there...and you are so lucky! Cause this week the heat has been INCREDIBLE here haha. This week it has rained almost EVERY day. It doesn't rain all day usually...mostly just in the night. But when it rains here in Ecuador it doesn't cool everything down like it does back home. Here, after it rains really hard, the sun comes out and dries everything up and it feels like there is steam rising from the ground. It is like nothing I have ever felt before (except last year, when it was rainy season lol). But I think I'm more used to it than I was last year, cause I don't sweat nearly as much as before. Maybe by the time I'm back home I'll be sweat-proof....that would be like a dream come true! haha

So, on Saturday night, one of our ward-sister-missionaries (Anita Acuria) went with us to show us where some people that got baptized a few months ago live. They haven't been coming to church regularly, so we needed to rescue them :) We went and visited a few of them and then it started to P O U R !!! I've never seen so much rain like when it rains here in Ecuador. There isn't thunder or lightning though, like AZ monsoons. So, it was almost time for us to go home, and we went and dropped Anita off at her house. By the time we got to her house we were all soaked all the way to the skin. Thankfully the sewer/drainage system in this sector works, cause the streets don't fill up with water like they did in Vinces haha. When her mom (Sara Acuria, but we call her Mamita cause she's like a mom and she saves us any time lunch falls through haha. But we don't even call the member who washes our clothes mamita lol) saw us she just started laughing, and then said that we were all gonna get sick lol. But so far none of us have gotten sick. We took some pretty fun pics though....they are attached in this email :)

Missionary work here in Los Rieles keeps moving forward. We've been working with those referrals we've receieved, and Mamita Acuria gave us a couple more referrals this week. The big challenge looks like it'll be getting them to go to church. Our ward is at 8am...that's way to early lol. But this week, Sacrament meeting started at 8:17am and ended before 9am.....I'm pretty sure that's not OK, right? But that is neither here nor there (What's it from?!)

Well, that's the news for this week! A pretty normal, wet week here in Ecuador :) I hope you all have a fantastic week! Happy FEBRUARY tomorrow!!!! (For Alexa:: Rabbit rabbit rabbit!!!! bahaha I beat you this time!) I love you all SOOOO much! Thanks for being the best family ever! Thanks for your letters, support, prayers, packages ;) I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

Love, Elder Beck


Elder Garcia, Me, and Anita Acuria..soaked after visiting some people.

Elder Garcia and I...dripping wet :)

This is a mango..they are ¡huge! here. This one isn't even that big. But they are delicious. Are there mangos in the States? I only remember eating those dried mangos from Costco that I didn't like very much.

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