Monday, March 7, 2011

"B" Week

Hola mi querida familia!!!!!

How is all the fam doing this week? This week has been a "B" week here in Ecuador....but not because it wasn't good enough to be an "A" week, but because a lot of the things that I did this week start with "B"


Bowling. Last Monday, as I wrote in the email last week, we went bowling in Samborondon. It was WAY fun, even though I'm not that great. I don't get why I was so good at WII bowling, but I can't bowl in real life? lol But, the 2nd game I DID break 100, so I was pretty happy about that. Elder Laub made all of us look like beginners though....just cause he took a bowling class in college haha.

Burgers. Before we went bowling, we ate burgers at McDonalds...and that was really good. Pretty much anything that doesn't have rice is good with me :)

Baskin Robbins. Yes, in Samborondon there is a BASKIN ROBBINS!!!! As soon as I saw it I had to eat it lol. Elder Laub and I both bought Brownie Sundaes...and Elder Garcia and Elder Elias only wanted to buy ice cream at McDonalds. They obviously don't know what is good lol.

Needless to say, we were happy with our Baskin Robbins...they had cookie dough ice cream! ;)

Boxes. This week, I got 2 birthday boxes/packages. First, the one from Trevor and Nicole...Reese's Pieces, Jamison and Gavin art, pics, money, skittles, Cheez-its, fruit by the foot, sour candy. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! And the one from Mom and Dad.... Reese's cups, Happy Bday banner, 'I Feel Good' Birthday card, money, Al Bball pic, Red Tie, Sour Candy, Reese's Bar mix, Church News, granola bars, Peanut butter, Reese's dark cups, Jeff's wedding announcement, and letters.



BIRTHDAY!!! This Sunday was my 21st birthday!! :) We went to Stake Conference in the morning...and 9 investigators went too! What a great bday present, right? :) The Conf. was really good...they talked a lot about the family. The temple pres. said 'Everything we do in the Church has to do with the Family and with Jesus Christ.' And that is so true..the family is so important. And I'm so thankful to have a family like you.

After conference we went to a family's house (investigators that went to Stake Conference) because they invited us for lunch and for my birthday. They sang happy birthday and we ate spaghetti....with a volcano of rice ;) And we taught a couple of lessons. And in the night we went to the Acuria family's house (the family that I mentioned is like my Ecuadorian family). They made us dinner and the mamita made a chocolate cake. It was really yummy. It was a great day ;)

Today we went back to that mall in Samborondon...but this time we just went to eat SUBWAY!! It had been way too long since I had eaten Subway and it was really good.

Almost everything that I wrote about has to do with food....I must be a Beck! LOL! That's the news for this week :) I love every one of you SO much! I'm thankful for all of you...thankful for everything you do.

Thankful for your letters, prayers, pictures, packages....everything!


Love, Elder Beck

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