Monday, August 31, 2009

Week 6

So..this has probably been one of the most UNeventul weeks here at the MTC. Minus the fact that Richard G. Scott was here on Tuesday. That was just AMAZING! But I already wrote a Looooong letter about that and hopefully everybody has heard about that already haha. Other than that, basically nothing has happened :) Gotta love the MTC haha. I can't wait to be in Ecuador (LIKE 3 MORE WEEKS) and have fun stories to write home about :)
Well, this week Elder Baum and I were supposed to teach a lesson in Spanish in the TEC (where they have teachers who pretend to be investigators) but the teacher had a sub who didn't speak spanish. (they hardly spoke english, either lol. They were from China) So we had to teach in was SOOOO weird. We kept starting our sentences in spanish, and then remembering that she didn't speak spanish because she would start looking at us weird lol. So, I guess we have made the transition to speaking in Spanish!
But we still have to wait a few weeks to go to Ecuador...I'm so ready to get out of this place now lol. Something exciting...we should have our flight plans by the end of next week!!! WOOHOO!!! Can't wait for that... :)
Well, I've got 15 mins left and nothing to say lol. So write back and I'll reply! :)

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