Monday, January 11, 2010

Rain rain....go away lol

Hola mi querido familia!

I hope all is well with all of you....and I hope you are a little bit drier than we are here. It started raining this week....and from what I hear it doesn't stop until april lol. Yesterday all of the streets transformed into rivers...and the dirt streets up in the hills transformed into mudslides :) It will be a fun couple of months with really dirty/wet shoes and pants lol.

Mom and dad...thanks for the package!!! :) I got the puzzletter from alexa (fun), Letters from Elder Beatty and Shoe, the Church News, Fruit Snacks (so good), the key chains (one for ERod...he says thanks), gum, and ALL of the pics! I especially loved the pics from Hawaii. Great times :) And mom...there was one pic where you seriously looked like a model. Not that you don't look great in the other pics...but that one was especially good haha.

I looked last week for boots in another mall....I think it's safe to say size 13 boots don't exist in Ecuador lol. Oh well :) haha

Read the chapters in Alma about Ammon...he is a STUD! haha He was a great example of a missionary. And I was thinking of those Book of Mormon videos while I was reading where Ammon says "I AM a man" hahah It made me laugh.

I was or you ever check myASU stuff? I was just wondering... :)

Sorry it's so short this week....but know that everything is going great. And maybe a little wet lol. I love you all SO much! And I love getting letters and emails and pics from all of you. You are the best family in the world!!! :) I am so grateful (is that how you spell grateful? lol) for our family....the majority of the families are missing a mom or a dad or something and it makes me so happy and thankful to think about how blessed our family is. Always Count Your Many Blessings :)

Love you all TOOOONNNS!!!

Love, Elder Beck

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