Monday, January 25, 2010


Hola mi familia!!!

Well...this has been quite an interesting week down here in Ecuador..But I'll start from the beginning :)

ERod and I did a bunch of interchanges in our zone last week cause he is Zone leader and he has to see how everyone is doing and how their house is and everything. One night, I stayed in the other house in our zone where EIGHT elders live! They all sleep out in the 'family room' and use the bedrooms for their clothes and for studyin and it is a little bit crazy lol. But, the best part about that house is that they have HOT WATER showers! I didn't realize how much I missed showering in hot water until I showered there. It felt amazing lol. But, where I am now, the water is freezing lol

Mom and dad, thanks for the package! It had letters from Cam, Kev, and Karl, a letter from mom that talked about th stuff that happens in sacrament meeting that was HILARIOUS, pics that emma and regan drew, a waterproofing shoe sponge, M&Ms (SO GOOD), pens, and toothpaste. Thanks a ton! Is that all that was in there, cause there was a sticker that said it had broken and there was a little hole taped up with ecuador tape? Hopefully nothing was lost :)

Trevor and Nicole, I got your christmas card and I loved it! Your fam looks great :)

I have now been in the mission for over 6 months and I cannot believe it! The time goes by so fast!!!!!!! A fourth of the mission is already! haha

The other day some investigadores were watching the last season of 24..... Wow, I didn't realize how much I miss watching that show lol. I propose that we do a 24 marathon in 2011 haha.

And last, but definitely not least, CAMBIOS!!! CHANGES!!! Well, I'm pretty sure that Pres. Gamboa doesn't want me getting too comfortable anywhere, cause I was just starting to get comfortable in La Florida and I was almost sure that I would be there at least one more change, but NOPE! HAHA I am now in Vinces in a BRANCH called Vinces 2 (there are 2 branches hear called vinces 1 and 2 and the 2 branches form a district). The APs called me on wednesday night at like 11 and told me that I was getting changed and that I had to be in the Bus Terminal at 730 am the next day...I love changes :) lol So I packed my bags up and slept for about 4 hours haha. The bus ride from Guayaquil to vinces is about 2 hours and of course the bus has no AC :) But I still slept the whole ride haha.

On sunday, there were about 20 people in church and 5 of them were Investigators lol. There are SO many inactives here that we are working with. Pretty sad..but people have their agency. My new companion is Elder Morataya and he is from Guatemala. He goes home after the Next change (in april) so I'm pretty sure that I will be the one to 'kill him' (That's what they say when your comp finishes the mission..that the one who isn't going home is the murderer. Mission The nickname of Vinces is Little Italy and they have a little eiffel tower in the center (but the eiffel tower is in France, isn't it? lol) They also have a mini- Christ the Redeemer statue like the one in Brazil. This place needs to get more creative and come up with their own ideas! lol Next thing you know, they're gonna have a mini grand canyon! haha

Well, that's all for this week i guess. Everything is great here in Vinces and we are working hard. I love you all TONS TONS TONS TONS TONS and thanks for everything that you all do for me. Keep it up with the letters and prayers haha.

Love, Elder Beck in Vinces

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