Monday, February 15, 2010


Hola mi familia!

How is everything going up in the United States? Everything here is going great :) This week started the holiday of in Ecuador that means that you will get wet...which makes me think of Sea World and the soak zone lol. "If you're sittin in the first 12 rows there's something you oughtta know, there's a 50-50 bet, you'll get 100 percent wet! But don't look so surprised 'OH MY HAIR' when the water splashes in your eyes. I just thought you might like to know about the imminent H20. So if you like that camera or that dress, don't let the salt water make it all a mess. Stay dry-er...move a little bit higher. Stay dry-er...move a little bit higher!" (Wow I still remember the whole song! hahah) Anyways, in Carnaval here there are people in the streets that throw water, paint, beer, etc on people that pass by :) Lot's of fun, right? lol So, Pres. Gamboa doesn't want us to get wet so we have a modified schedule that started on saturday and goes until wednesday. We have to come back to the house after lunch and study until 6pm. And then we can leave again and teach a couple lessons. So, it's kinda like p-day every day...except we can't take naps lol. There have been a few people that have thrown water at us...but they haven't hit us. I guess that's why baseball isn't so popular here...they can't aim lol. The other day we were on a bus and people threw a bunch of eggs..but thankfully all the windows were closed lol.

Happy Valentines Day (yesterday) to every one. They have Valentine's day here too, but they don't do anything cause it's during Carnaval and they are busy getting people wet lol.

Could somebody please send me Dad's chocolate chip cookie recipe, please :) Just in an email...thanks :)

This week I tried a couple of new foods.... turtle and duck lol. The duck tasted the same as chicken but the meat is a really dark color. and the turtle tasted like beef, but tougher. I don't want to eat turtle again...I felt bad eating it lol.

Sacrament meeting this week was slightly comical... One of the speakers used a giant magnifying glass to read their whole talk from the ensign lol. And the other speaker's eyebrows moved more than I've ever seen eyebrows move in my life! lol

Last night it rained HARD!!! We walked home in water almost up to my knees! And when we got home, there was no electricity or water and it didn't come back until this morning at about 9:30. So last night I 'slept' without the fan. I didn't sleep much though cause I was sweating all night lol. Lots of fun :)

Well I think that's all for this week. I love you all SO much! Keep it up with the prayers, like always :) And the letters :)

Love ya!
Elder Beck

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