Monday, February 8, 2010


¡Hola mi querido familia!

How is everyone doing? Great I hope :) Everything is going great here in Vinces and it has been a good, and FAST, week!

First, Happy 7th Birthday to Jamison on Thursday! I can't belive that he is going to be 7 already! I love you Jamison! :)

Last week when I emailed, guess where I was? In Babahoyo on my way to Guayaquil! haha I was in the same place that I used to always go when that was my sector :) Last monday, Elder Morataya and I went to Guayaquil to this lighthouse that is on a huge hill right next to a river. There are exactly 444 stairs from the bottom of the hill to the lighthouse, and we climbed every one of them haha. It was pretty fun and there was a pretty view of all of Guayquil from the lighthouse :)

One night, we were walking back to the house after a day of teaching and we walked by the park where they have the Eiffel Tower. There were a bunch of people in the park so we went to see what was up. Everybody was saying that there were "perezosos" in the park. Perezoso means lazy, so I was wondering why everybody was looking at lazy people in the park. And then I saw 2 sloths and realized that perezoso also means sloth! haha Everybody was watching the sloths, not lazy people lol. Sloths are hilarious to watch..they are SO slow! Apparently they come down every so often from the trees at night to eat. So that was fun to see sloths...except I didn't have my camera with me :P

On Saturday we went to lunch like normal and they gave us soup, chicken, and a volcano of normal. And then in the 2 following lessons, the people gave us lunch too! So I ate 3 volcanoes of rice on saturday :P lol I am SO excited to not have to eat rice or soup when I am home hahaha.

Today, I was looking at pictures that Mom sent me and there were a few from Hawaii. I miss Hopefully there is already a trip being planned for August of 2011 :) hahah JK (well, sort of JK lol)

And last, but definitely not least....we had a BAPTISM this week! David Medrano got baptized on Saturday and his dad baptized and confirmed him :) They are the family that has the car, and that recently started coming to church again. I was so glad that the dad was able to do all of that stuff :) Also, David bore his testimony after the baptism and in sacrament meeting yesterday. Hearing the testimonies of the people that we have been teaching strengthens my testimony so much. I love it :)

Well, I think that's all for this week. I love you all SOOOOOOO much! Thanks to everyone for everything. Thanks for remembering me in your prayers :) Love you!!!

Love, Elder Beck

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