Monday, June 7, 2010


Hola mi querida familia!

How's everybody doing up north? Great, I hope :)

Things here in Salinas are going great and life as ZL is a little bit crazy lol. This week we have done so muc traveling and I kinda feel more like a tourist than a missionary!

First, on Tuesday we had the District Meeting in the morning. It was nice to not have to teach the class haha. But afterwards every missionary has questions for the ZLs so it is crazy! haha

On Wednesday, we went to a sector called Playas de Villamil. It is about 2 hours from here. We went there to do the house inspection. We have to inspect all the missionaries' houses in our zone and make sure they are clean and report any damage, etc. That house is great. It is about 2 blocks from the beach and has a view of the ocean from the bedroom! b e a YOU tiful. And then my comp showed them around the sector cause they are both new there (like Elder Estrada and me here in Salinas) but Elder Estrada was there a while back. So we walked all over the sector seeing where members and old investigators live.

On Friday we went to Mission Leadership Council in Guayaquil. That was the meeting I went to back in November when I ate 11 pieces of pizza lol. This time the DLs came too and we talked alot about how District meetings should be. They want alot of practices and participation and less DL teaching. In this meeting they ALWAYS give pizza or hamburgers, so I was excited to eat either thing. But, since the DLs came too, they just gave crackers, juice, and an apple. Just my luck! lol I'll have to wait till next time...haha

On Saturday we finally got to stay in Salinas and have a full day of work. We met a lot of members, part member families, and some new investigators. We walked a lot lol. We saw the ocean a few times though, so everything is ok :) haha I'm excited to see how things progress here in Salinas.

On Sunday we had Stake Conference. Elder Pino from the 70 came...2nd counselor of the area. All of the talks were focused on the family and it was really great. A lot about appreciating your parents your WHOLE life and not just when they're not here anymore. I LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD and thanks for EVERYTHING you do and have done for me. Before Elder Pino spoke he asked 3 people to bear their testimonies. One of those 3 people was Elder Beck............ I don't remember a word I said but I felt the Spirit so I imagine it was ok haha.

Gossip from Ecuador : There is an elder in my zone from Queen Creek (Elder Parkinson) and he told me they haven't started building the Gilbert temple yet cause they are going to make it a lot bigger. And when it is finished, they are going to close the Mesa Temple for a while to do some major foundation reconstruction cause it is built on a fault this stuff true??? xoxo Gossip Elder (LOL)

We found investigators that are MARRIED!!! I hope they progress cause they are the first couple I've met here that is already married lol.

The toilet flushes the other way in our house here.....haha


We heard that it is whale season here!!!!!!!! So today we are going to a beach called Mar Bravo where we heard that it is common to see whales. I will most definitely be telling you how that goes.

I think I ate Sushi and my companion aren't sure what it was. We just know it was fish and it was cold. GROSS!! lol

One time you asked for more gross I hope you enjoy this one. A kid near me in Stake Conf yesterday threw up like 4 times during the meeting and the mom just kept throwing paper towels on the bright orange throw up. was gross. lol

Last but not least, THANKS FOR THE PACKAGE mom and dad! I got one this week that had a green angel moroni tie, GC Liahonas and Ensign, tasty granola bars, art (good tilapia drawing alexa haha), letters, and the most HILARIOUS limericks that I have ever read in my life! I was laughing so hard...and still am when I think about them lol. Thanks for that!

Well that's the news this week. What a busy and exciting and crazy week! I love you all SOOOO much! Thanks for being amazing!

Love ya!!!
Love, Elder Beck

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