Monday, July 12, 2010

Change #8

Hola mi querida familia!

Another change has come and gone and have I ever mentioned how FAST time flies by? I think I have...but I gotta keep saying it cause it keeps going even faster lol. Last night the APs called for the changes in the zone and only 2 missionaries left. One that is done with the mission. And another one that has a long time here. We thought that they would be the only ones leaving..and we guessed right :) So, Elder Estrada and I get to stay put. That means that I will be 'killing' him at the end of this change. This is his last change...and the missionaries say that you kill your comp when you send him to the house haha. I know, we're so violent! lol

So, last week I forgot to say THANKS for the package that I got 2 weeks ago! Sour gummy cubes, cheezits, tie (LOVE it..and so do all of the other missionaries haha), chapstick, and new gray pants! Thanks a ton!!!!!

And THANKS for the package that I got last week!!! It was the 'hump-day' package and I loved it! The letters from everyone were entertaining and hilarious....especially the little comments from the camel lol (how do you spell camel?? lol) The HUMPback whale, poprocks, gum, and energy vitamins! Thanks a ton! I love you!!!

This week we travelled a little to do house inspections in the whole zone. We have to go and make sure the houses are clean and report any damages and stuff like that. Fun stuff :) And all the houses were fine haha.

Do you guys keep all the letters I email home?? I hope so...cause sometimes I forget to write stuff in the journal but it's in the letters home. So if you're not keeping them....please start now :) Thanks!

Well, that's all the excitement for this week :) A pretty normal missionary-week. Oh yeah, I blessed the sacrament for the first time in spanish yesterday too :) haha All of the priesthood holders got to church really late yesterday lol. I love you all SOOO much! Thanks for all the letters and pics and everything that you guys send me :) I love all of it! I love you all tons!

Love, Elder Beck

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