Monday, July 26, 2010

One year older, and wiser too...

.....Happy Birthday....TO ME!! haha
Random, but that song just popped into my mind when I was reading all of your letters saying happy hump day :)

So, how is la familia this week? I hope everyone is great :) Sounds like everyone had a great week last week from the letters that I just read. I LOVE reading everyone's letters every week. I always look forward to mondays haha.

Well, as you all know, thursday was my one-year 'click' in the mission. I celebrated by buying a big ice cream bar for my comp and me :) They are like Dove ice cream bars...delicious! And the next day, I wanted to keep celebrating so we went to this dessert place called 'Dolupa' where they sell all kinds of cakes. And I bought a slice of cake for my comp and me ;) My comp couldn't finish his slice, so I was happy to help him lol.

This week we receieved a call from Hermana Gamboa saying that we should look for a new house. So, Elder Estrada and I have been doind a bit of house shopping this week. So far we haven't found anything that fits in the mission's budget. But there ARE a lot of apartments right on the beach in Salinas for sale or for rent.... (hint hint ;) haha) I've been thinking this week that we definitely need to come to Salinas some time after the mission. :)

On Saturday there was a stake Pioneer day celebration. It was...........interesting. lol Basically each ward was dressed up like pioneers (and when I say 'dressed like pioneers' I mean they had an apron on and piece of fabric on their heads lol) and they read pioneer stories from old Ensigns lol. And one ward acted out the scene from Legacy where the ox is too tired to keep pulling the wagon and the girl cries and says a prayer and the ox gets up. I think it was supposed to make the people feel what the pioneers went through...but all of the members were just laughing..cause the ox was a kid with a mask that looked almost like an ox lol. But our wards presentation was actually fun. They were actually dressed like pioneers and some of the young men and women did a dance to a 'techno' version of Cotton-eye made me think of Stake dances when we ALWAYS danced to that song (only we weren't dressed like pioneers lol).

This week I got the 'hump-day' letters from the CA Becks and I got some 'Arks and Parks' (arts and crafts) from Jamison, Emma, and Regan :) Thanks for all of that!

Well, that's the news for this week. I hope all of you have a great week. I love you all S O O O O O O O much! Thanks for everything fam :)

Love, Elder Beck

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