Monday, February 21, 2011

19 Months

Hola mi querida familia!!!

How's all the fam this week? It sounds like everybody has had a great time in California all weekend. How would it be possible to NOT have a good time in California? haha Congratulations to Jamison on his baptism! That's so great! This week we invited 4 people to get baptized in the middle of March...and all 4 accepted! I was very happy and I was thinking about the baptism that was happening up in Pismo :) Also, all 4 of them came to Church yesterday. 5 other investigators came to Church too, so it was a pretty good Sunday. Lot's of people in the Gospel Principles class. I just wish that a few more of the 200+ members in this ward would get smart and at least say hi and introduce themselves to the people that are in the Church for the first time. We talked about that a little bit yesterday with the Bishop..we'll see how things change :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JOSH ON SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you Josh and I hope you have an awesome birthday!

THANKS FOR THE PACKAGE THAT I GOT THIS WEEK! Deodorant, HLJ rings, Pencils, sour candy, oats & dark chocolate nature valley bars, English hymn book, wedding announcements (EVERYBODY is getting married!!!! lol), Valentine's Day card (the jokes on the back were hilarious), Valentine's day stickers, Church News, letters. I love getting packages!!!!!!!! :D

Yesterday was a really good sacrament meeting..for the most part. There was one little part that was slightly uncomfortable, but funny. The guy who gave the last talk was talking about Jesus Christ and his life and it was just a really good talk. It really got me thinking about Him and all that He did for me and every person that has ever existed or will exist. I was thinking about the Sacrament and what the bread and water really mean, and how thankful I am for all that He did. I felt really good....until he asked a question.....and then asked the members to raise their hand if they knew the answer. Everybody knew the answer cause it was really obvious, but they all paused wondering if they should Really raise their hand. And the speaker just kept on waiting for everyone to raise their hand.... So one by one they raised their hand quickly and then put it back down. And then he said that it looked like everybody knew the he asked them to all shout out the answer. I thought/hoped that that was just a joke....and I was hoping that all of the members would think it was just a joke too. But there were a quite a few that took it seriously and they started to shout out the answer. I was trying my hardest not to laugh at that moment..especially when I saw the look on the Bishop's face lol. I think he was about to stand up and ask the speaker to sit down..but then the speaker took control again and somehow finished his talk, making everyone feel the Spirit again. It was like a mini spiritual roller coaster lol.

This week we were teaching a family (a referral from the Mamita Acuria) and the wife/mom of that family (Mirian) has been having some problems with one of her kids that lives about an hour away with his grandparents. He has chosen a lot of friends that have had a very bad influence on him. They are the type of kids that do drugs and drink and all that stuff. She's pretty sure that her son doesn't actually participate in the drugs, drinking, etc. but she doesn't want him to be with those kids anymore. In that moment, my companion and I were really grateful for the guidance of the Holy Ghost. We had planned to teach the Plan of Salvation and we had already introduced the lesson. And when she told us that, we both pulled out our Book of Mormon and opened up to Mosiah 27 where it talks about the time when the angel appeared to Alma the Younger. The angel explained that he had come as a response to the prayers of Alma, father, and all of the people, and commanded Alma the Younger to stop persecuting the Church. It was so great as Mirian and her husband (Augusto) could feel how that related with the situation they were in at that moment. That day we invited them to get baptized on March 12, too, but they wouldn't say anything. When we went 2 days later they said 'We're not sure if it's gonna be March 12, but now we are sure that we are going to get baptized.' I LOVE the Book of Mormon and as we were sharing those Scriptures with them I could feel that it really has ALL of the answers. The Book of Mormon is is the word of God.

I finished reading the Book of Mormon last week for the second time in Spanish. After I finished, I did what Moroni invited us all to do and prayed and asked God to help me feel again that the Book is true. And, as always, the Lord responded to my prayer and my testimony was strengthened. I love the Book of Mormon. I love this Church. I know it is the only true one. I know that Joseph Smith was a Prophet. He really did see our Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus Christ. I know that Jesus Christ suffered for every one of my sins. He knows what I need and always is there to help me. I know that Thomas S. Monson is the Prophet of God at this time. He guides us with revelations from God. I'm so thankful for my testimony and that I can share it every day.

Well, that's the news for this week, fam! I love every one of you soooo much! Never be afraid to share your testimony. Pray and read the scriptures every day to keep that testimony burning bright. Be examples to the people around you. SMILE :D Thanks for all that each of you do for me. You are awesome! I LOVE YOU TOOOONNNNNSSSSSS!!!!!!!!

Love, Elder Beck

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