Monday, February 14, 2011

Nuevo cambio, sin cambios

Hola mi Querida Familia!!!

How's everybody doing?! HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY TO ALL OF YOU!!!!! It's a holiday here in Ecuador, too. But it has a different name for most people. Every so often I hear somebody say Happy Valentine's day...but all the rest of the people say Happy Love and Friendship Day haha. Our clothes mamita was asking us what present we had brought her for the holiday, and all 4 of us immediately pointed at our big bags of dirty clothes. Like we had planned it or was pretty funny.

Today is day 1 of my 13th transfer in the mission...and I just want to say something about that...TIME FLIES! lol Last night we were all waiting anxiously to see if the phone was going to ring for changes...but it was silent all night! So, the 4 Elders in my house are staying put. That's a good thing...we all get along well :)

This week, we were outside of our sector for 4 days. On Tuesday, my companion had a derm. appointment in the early afternoon in Guayaquil. The doctor got there pretty late and after that we had to wait in the mission office while another Elder had an appt with the same doctor. While we were waiting in the mission office the only other person that was there was Pres. Gamboa, so we talked with him for a long time. That was kinda fun...he was joking around saying that my comp. and I are probably trunky cause we don't have much time left in the mission and we go home together. And then we politely reminded Pres. that we are going home the same time as him..and he thought about that for a couple seconds and then we all laughed lol. That night, Sis. Gamboa wanted to buy the medicine for my comp. so we stayed in the office and waited until about 9pm..and then she came back to the office to tell us that the pharmacy was closed haha. She told us to hurry and get back to our we got back as quick as we could and that was at 10:30 pm...just in time to go to sleep haha. The good part about that trip was that we ate McDonalds...and McDonalds has a Snickers McFlurry now! haha

So, we had to go to Guayaquil again on Wednesday, just to pick up the medicine and go back to our sector. And that wasted pretty much our whole day.

On Thursday we were in the Stake Center cause my comp. was doing some baptism interviews for some elders in other sectors. And the same thing on Friday..and the interview-ees (the people getting interviewed lol) got there really late. And that took up almost all of those 2 days. So, we weren't so busy Preaching the Gospel this week like other weeks...but we were really busy with all of those other fun missionary responsibilities :) And somehow we still managed to have a few investigators in church on Sunday haha.

Sister Gamboa told us that there are a lot of Elders in this mission that are suffering with acne...and she has decided to make a drastic change in Ecuador. She says that the food here is too greasy..and the greasiest part is the soup. So....she has told us that we are no longer aloud to eat soup!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOO Thank you Sister Gamboa! The prayers of all of the missionaries in this mission have now been answered lol. I think that the people that give us lunch are gonna freak out a little bit about that new rule...but I'm willing to deal with it if it means that I don't have to eat soup bahaha.

On Saturday morning we had a ward missionary 'bonding' activity at the Bishop's house. We all went over there and made banana bread. Basically Elder Garcia and I made it all and the ward missionaries just washed dishes....and ate haha. It was DELICIOUS:

Well, that's all the news for this week! I hope you all have a fantastic week! ENJOY California this weekend!!! Send some pics of the baptism. Congrats on your baptism Jamison! I LOVE every one of you SOOOOO much!!!!!! Thanks for everything you do for me :)


Love, Elder Beck


Zone: Durán Norte

The 4 Elders where I live. Elder Garcia, Elder Beck, Elder Laub, Elder Elías

McDonalds! 1/4 pound, double stack with cheese ;)

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