Monday, November 9, 2009 favorite day

Wow..another week has already passed and it's monday again. My favorite day of the week. We cleaned the house this morning [always nice to have a clean least for a few hours haha] and now I get to email my favorite part Ü And we'll probably eat pizza after this..another good thing haha.
Well this week went by really fast and things are going great with Elder Auccapuclla. We taught SO many lessons this week and he really likes talking to everybody so we have lots of new investigators too. And I already feel like my spanish has gotten alot better just in this week. We try to talk alot and I am actually communicating in Spanish Ü haha. It feels good to get more comfortable with the language.
So, this Saturday when Zack is getting baptized, we should be baptizing 2 kids too Ü Fernando and Karla...they are 9 and 11 years old and there mom WAS inactive. Now she is going to church though and her kids have wanted to get baptized since the first time we talked to them lol. We just had to teach them the lessons and get them to church..which we have done and now they are ready. Interview thursday, baptism saturday Ü We are praying for them alot and fasted yesterday for all of our investigators again. I feel like we're going to have lots of success this change. Also, 2 couple committed to get married within the next 2 step closer to baptism Ü Lot's of good things happening in Babahoyo.
So, I got a bunch of DearElders [7] last week as well as a letter and some pics from Nicole and some pics that J&G drew so that was alot of fun to see and read those this morning. I love getting letters and everything from the family, so keep it up Ü
So I felt my first 'earthquake' this week Ü I say 'earthquake' cause it was like 5 seconds and tiny. It almost just felt like a really big truck drove by our apartment lol. But still...i can now say I've felt an earthquake. But hopefully I don't ever feel anything more than that haha.
Well...there's not really any more news...but I love you guys. Dad, yes I am eating lots of fruit. The mangos here are SOO good and the bananas are way better than in the states lol. Also, here you ask for 25cents worth of bananas and they give you like 12 bananas. Fruit is so cheap. Members give us fruit pretty often too. So most of what I eat is fruit and rice.....and ramen at night sometimes lol. I'm definitely not hungry haha.
I love you all SOOO much Ü
Until Next week..
Elder Beck

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