Tuesday, November 24, 2009

No Power Yesterday

Hola mi familia!!

So, sorry I couldn't email yesterday. We went to this place called Montalvo. With waterfalls, rivers, rainforest-y, and it was really cool! (picutres coming) But, when we got back to Babahoyo, there was no power in the whole city cause they're doing power cuts. They didn't get much rain last year, so they cut the power for a few hours every day (at different times in all of ecuador). It's pretty annoying. And I was bummed that I didn't get to email yesterday. But I'm glad that Presidente Gamboa said that we could email today!!!

So, this week is Thanksgiving! That means nothing here! haha But HAPPY THANKSGIVING to everyone in the United States!!! Make sure to eat ALOT of turkey and potatoes and pie and Reba potatoes and everything else that we eat on thanksgiving :)

I've already decided what we'll eat first when I get back home in 2 years lol. Want to know?? First, Cheesecake Factory. Next, Barro's BBQ Chicken Pizza. Last, Nielsen's Chocolate concrete with Peanut Butter and cold fudge. hahaha Those are the things I crave the most I think :)

Maybe all of you already know this, but I just found this out this week. Babahoyo in English means 'slobber hole.' haha Kinda fits with the way parts of this city look :) lol

Something random and funny, but that made me kinda excited....The other night Elder Auccapuclla told me I was talking in my sleep lol. Guess what language I was speaking?!?!?! SPANISH!!! hahaha I haven't been able to remember ANY dreams here so I wasn't sure if i dreamt in spanish or english, but apparently they're in spanish lol.

On sunday i spoke in church for the first time :) I gave a 10-min talk about prayer and it went well. That was kinda fun... but not really lol.

So we had interviews last week with Presidente Gamboa in Guayaquil on Wednesday. No problems there, everything went well haha. But Pres Gamboa asked me to help Elder Aucca learn English. So this week I have been teaching him Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer lol. It is so funny how he pronounces the words. It reminds me of those chinese guys that sing in the restaurant in A Christmas Story hahahahaha.

Something not so funny....lol. Last week we were in San Juan and this member named Mariana was accompanying (is that a word?) us to some lessons. We were walking along the side of the highway and she fell!! It wasn't funny...but the way she fell reminded me of Louise at Waimea Bay the first time we went to Hawaii, and THAT was funny lol. Mariana is about the same size as Louise and she fell and kinda rolled down the side of the highway lol. She scraped up her knees, but she's ok now :)

That's all for this week. I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving and that everyone eats a little bit extra for me :) haha I Love you all SOOOOO much! Keep praying and reading the scriptures and doing all those 'little' things! They make a BIG difference :)

Elder Beck

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