Monday, August 23, 2010


Hola mi querida familia!!!
How's everybody doing this week? I hope everyone is great. Things have been going well here in Salinas. Elder Estrada finished his mission today...I 'killed' my first companion haha. I think that he flies home tomorrow. I think he doesn't really wanna go home, but that's what you have to do after 24 months in the mission haha.
This past week we had the other half of the 8 lessons that I talked about before..Zone Conference in Guayaquil. It went well. I need to write down all of the lessons so I can tell you what they are next week. It's basically all stuff from Preach My Gospel, but more focused on some important parts to help us be better teachers. The experiences that some missionaries share in Zone Conferences are so always makes me more excited to keep preaching the gospel. This time they gave us pizza in the zone was pretty good, but not Barro's haha.
More traveling this week....on wednesday we went to Playas de Villamil to inspect the house there and to do a baptism interview. Things are going well there. Elder Parkinson from QC is in that sector. This week he got moved up to District Leader :)
On Friday we did 3 more baptism interviews and then a Stake Activity put on by the missionaries :) We had a movie night and watched the Joseph Smith movie (the one from the temple and the JS Building) and we made popcorn and drank soda. Not very many members came, but every sector had investigators there, so that was good. That movie is so powerful! I love it :)
Last week Elder Estrada and I gave talks in Church again. I talked about some of the quotes that are in Chapter 1 of Preach My Gospel and related them to the members and the importance of the members in missionary work. Some people commented and said they enjoyed my talk....we'll see if they actually start helping us now haha.
1 Question about the package with the shoes. It got here to Ecuador and supposedly I'll receive it tomorrow. But do they not let you send a package that big with a Green sticker? No big deal that you sent it with a white sticker, I just had to give permission to an Elder in the office to pick it up. But I was just wondering.....?
So, on to the changes of the week. Elder Estrada is going home so now I am with Elder Baquerizo. He is from Ecuador, born in Guayaquil, but lived in Quito. He is one of the elders that got here to Ecuador with me. And we are with Elder Garcia, too. But we are guessing that we will only be with him for this week and that he is going to train. But for now, we are in a threesome, and we are going to be working in 2 sectors. Should be fun! haha
Well, I think that's all the news for this week! Thanks for everything you do for me, family. I'm so grateful for your support! I love you all SOOOO much!
Love, Elder Beck

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