Monday, August 30, 2010

End of August

Hola mi Familia!!!
How is everything going up in North America. Things are going great here, still. Like always :) This week we have been really busy working in 3 big sectors. 2 of the sectors are Elder Garcia's and the other sector is for Elder Baquerizo and I. We have mostly been working in Elder Garcia's sectors because they have lots of people that are just about ready to be baptized. We put 2 baptism dates for this Saturday and they both accepted :) It's so great and fun to help people know the truth and take the steps that open the doors to eternal life. It never gets boring, either.
Yesterday, we didn't go to our ward in Salinas cause we went to the other 2 wards. The people that we visited in the afternoon were joking around with us and asking if we were inactive now, if we slept through church, etc. It was funny lol. That would be pretty bad if missionaries went inactive while they were IN the mission field...haha
I've liked working in a threesome. We get along great and there is always stuff to talk about. Elder Garcia was asking about all of the girls in our neighborhood and ward...he wants to marry a 'gringa.' lol He is a funny missionary. And he is going to be training this week....wednesday, we think. So after wednesday we'll be back in 2 companionships working in our normal sectors.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALEXA ON FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alexa, I can't believe you are going to be 15! I hope you enjoy your birthday..and enjoy bowling. Get a strike for me. Remember how good I am at WII bowling? haha Too bad I am awful at real bowling.
Thanks for the 3 PACKAGES that I got last week!!! Warheads, gum, pics of Carlie's fam, grey pants, letters. Sour patch kids, socks, reese's pieces, church news. More church news, more letters, navy blue pants, cheez-its, SHOES (my old pair is almost unrecognizable next to the new pair lol), cake, peanut butter!, M&Ms, oil vial (other missionaries have asked for oil vials like that if they are cheap and you want to send some more :) ), granola bars, fruit leather, cocoa roast almonds. Thanks SOOO much!!! I love getting packages! :D
The 8 lessons that we were taught in the last 2 Zone conferences were Doctrine of Christ, The Function of the HG in conversion, Revelation through Prayer, Revelation through the BoM, Revelation through Church Attendance, Teach People not Lessons, We Invite them-They Commit-We give them follow up, How to begin to teach. I hope that is understandable...that is translate from Spanish to English haha.
Well, that's the news for this week! I hope you all have an Amazing week this week! I love you all so much! Thanks for the letters and pics..i love it all!
Love, Elder Beck

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