Monday, September 20, 2010

Fast week

Hola mi querida familia!!!!!

How's everybody doing this week? I hope you are all GREAT! I am doing great here in Salinas. The weather is starting to change a bit...lots more sun and less cold air :P But the ocean breeze is constant, and it is very welcome :) haha

This week we did a Zone activity with the 12 missionaries in our zone. It was on Monday, right after I wrote last week. We played soccer and basketball for about 2 1/2 hours and ate (chicken, rice, and soup---typical lol). A sister-member that has a little restaurant made an offer we couldn't refuse for the food :) It was WAY fun! And we were all INCREDIBLY sore on Tuesday and Wednesday! lol But it was worth it. We want to do Zone activities like that more often...they help the zone to be more united and we get to distract ourselves for a little while playing sports :)

In the next package that you send I would like to request something :) More pictures from Hawaii. Specifically underwater pictures, like of the turtles. And just Hawaii pics in general :) Thanks! I already have some...but you can never have too many hawaii pictures lol.

Speaking of packages, I sent a package home today. It has some tourist-y stuff from this part of Ecuador. Posters with whales, beaches, surfers, waves, etc :) And some tourism pamhplets. And a letter from me. So let me know when that gets there :)

On Friday we had Exchanges with the Elders from Playas. I went to Playas with Elder Brandaris from Costa Rica. I love the house where they has a view of the beach! And it is really it doesn't look like missionaries have lived there for years lol. Basically that means that it is still clean ;) haha

On Saturday afternoon our ward had a big activity that lasted like 5 hours. It was pretty fun. They just played soccer and basketball and stuff. And each organization (YM, YW, RS, etc) made t-shirts so they could tell the teams apart. Lots of people came that don't come to church on Sundays, so that was good too.

And after the ward activity, we had a BAPTISM! Emily got baptized on Saturday, by Elder Baquerizo. She was so happy :D It was nice to finally have a baptism again.

And yesterday in Church I gave a talk. I talked about the Book of Mormon and its power in conversion. We are doing something new with the BoM in this ward. We are going to the house of every family and giving them a Book of Mormon. And they have to do 3 things. Write their testimonies in the Book, wrap the book like a present, and then give it to a friend. We are hoping that we can find lots of new people to teach with this technique, and it seems like the members are eager to help :)

Well, that's the news for this week! I hope you guys all have an awesome week. I love you all so much! Thanks for everything you do for me :)

Love, Elder Beck

ps. Here are the pics of the baptism and the zone at the zone activity :)

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