Monday, September 6, 2010


Hola mi Querida Familia!

I can't believe it's September already! A year ago, I was going stir crazy wanting to get out of the MTC in Provo. It's interesting how time f l i e s by....especially when you are super busy! Also, almost a year ago, Weston was born! HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY ON SATURDAY WESTON! I love you!!! :) I remember being in the MTC and reading about the exciting rush from the beach to the hospital for his birth!

So, this week we are back to a normal companionship. Elder Garcia picked up his son on Tuesday. He is a 'gringo' from Highland, Utah (Yay for more gringos in the mission! haha). But the great part is his name....his name is Elder Elder. I might have almost laughed out loud when I saw his name tag lol. It's so weird to see new missionaries fresh from the US. He was worried about cold water showers... and if he could drink from the drinking fountain in the church...and if they always serve so much rice at lunch... and stuff like that that only gringos worry about haha. Made me remember when I got here :) But you get used to it so fast....well, most of it. I'm still hoping to get used to cold-water showers.

Speaking of cold-water showers...I heard that in the office-missionaries' house that all of the showers have hot water now and that they put AC in the whole house! And guess who I heard that from? The new AP....Elder Baum! Yup, he's AP now. Elder Siebert and Elder Baum are in the office now and they said they are waiting for me so that we can re-live the MTC times haha. But I don't think I wanna work in the office...except for the chance to shower in hot water every day lol.

US-food-craving that is impossible to find here in Ecuador---- A Costco Berry Smoothie. So, if you could send me a bunch of those in the next package that would be great. Thanks :) lol

So, on Tuesday we went to Guayaquil so that Elder Garcia could pick up his new companion, and that night we finally got to do some proselyting in Salinas. We got back to Salinas at about 6 and we only had a couple hours to do some visits, so we decided to only visit people that live close to our house. But, not a single person was home so I was trying to think of someone to visit. I decided to visit some members so that Elder Baquerizo could meet them. (Before I go on, about 2 months ago, this family's niece was living with them and she's not a member. When we found out that she wasn't a member, naturally we started teaching her. And, she wanted to get baptized! But, something happen and she decided she didn't want to get baptized and she went to live with some other family in Guayaquil. OK, now I can continue with the story). When we got there, the mom ran to the door and said 'Hi Elders! We were hoping that you would stop by! Emily's living here again...and she wants to get baptized!!!!' You can just imagine our joy when we heard that!!! haha So, we talked with Emily and she wants to get baptized next week, cause this week she has some school activity and isn't going to be here. So, that was really exciting for us! And we are finally going to have a baptism! :) haha

On Wednesday we did some more travelling and went to Playas de Villamil to do a baptism interview.

And on Friday we did some MORE travelling and went to Guayaquil for the Mission Leadership Council. It was a really great meeting. We talked a lot about obedience and goals and planning. In Preach My Gospel it says that goals reflect the desires of our heart. So true, and goals are so important and the Lord helps us to achieve all of our righteous desires :) And we ate those tasty sub sandwiches which are kinda like a Subway toasted sub :)

Well, that's the news this week from Salinas!!! I love you SO SO SO SO SOOOOOOO much family! Thanks for the support, prayers, letters, love, and everything else! I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to do it without all of you :) I LOVE YOU!

Love, Elder Beck

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