Monday, September 27, 2010

normal week

Hola mi querida familia!!!

How's everybody doing this week? Sounds like last week was lots of fun, especially with some hilarious Primary Programs lol. The primary programs here aren't so funny..all the kids are calm :P What's the point of the primary program if the kids don't do anything funny?? lol

Well, this week was a pretty normal week. Nothing too new or exciting to tell you about. I guess that in 2 years, there is bound to be a week or 2 like this lol. It wasn't a bad week, there just isn't anything new to write about.

But, I did eat something that definitely is worth writing about. It is called guatita. It has 'peanut butter' (The peanut butter here is nothing compared to pb in the states, but hey, it has pb so I was looking forward to trying this food). So, I ate the food...trying not to gag because it was disgusting lol. And after we ate, I asked my companion what guatita is. It probably would have been better if I hadn't asked..... It is cow stomach *barf* haha. No wonder it was so nasty.

And a brother in our ward said something that made me laugh enough to almost make juice squirt out of my nose. We were talking about REALLY fat people. I don't know how that subject came up. But we were talking about them and then this guy said "I don't really know why....but I have like........a PHOBIA....of really fat people! When I see them, I get goosebumps...and I get a lump in my throat like I'm about to throw up. It is so gross." And then Emily (the one who got baptized last week) asked if that was how he feels when he sees this one lady in our ward who is quite large and we all started laughing. It was hilarious.

So, that's the news for the week. Oh yeah, and thanks for the packages I got this week!!!! Church News, letters, "Laughter Can Be a Good Remedy" (I loved the lame cow jokes lol), mini Oil vials, pics of jesus and the child, chocolate pies, cinnabon bars (they are like the real thing!!!), Peanut butter M&ms, granola bars, gum, and Cold Stone Jelly Beans (that is almost like eating Cold Stone ;) ). Thanks a TON!!! Sorry there's not much news this week. But I hope you can at least laugh a little bit about the nasty things I eat and the funny things people say :)

I love you all SOOO much!! Thanks for everything! Thanks for your letters, pics, prayers, love, etc. I love you!

Love, Elder Beck

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