Monday, November 8, 2010

sunny monday

Hola mi querida familia!!!
First, Here is the pic of the baptism that I promised last week. The 3 girls were baptized by 3 members from the ward. And second, here is a pic of the BAPTISM that we had THIS week!!! Her name is Stefanía Cabrera..I baptized her. And after that, we bought Magnum ice cream bars (they're like Dove Ice cream bars! :) ) and a fat hamburger with french fries and a fried egg and guacamole on it haha. And the other 2 elders that live with us got in the picture too :) haha
So, this week we had a baptism! Stefania contacted US..she came up to us in the street and wanted us to teach her. I've never seen someone fulfill their commitments so quickly. She is awesome...a golden investigator. Now, we are working with her family (cousins and aunts and uncles) so that they can all enjoy the blessings of being a member of the True Church. I think that like 15 people live in that house lol. Today we were at that house and we made no-bake cookies with them and they made us lunch. It was fun :) And that's why I'm writing late..sorry ;) Funny thing from the baptism, when she put on her white jumpsuit, she came out of the bathroom laughing and said "I look like a polar bear!" It was least she said it, and not me ;) lol
This week a Priest went out to proselyte with us for about an hour before lunch and introduced us to one of his friends. But, his friend doesn't live in our sector :P But I'm not writing about this to tell you about a cool teaching experience or anything...but I am writing to tell you something that made me laugh pretty hard. After the hour with the Priest we dropped him off at his house and we wanted to take a pic because it was the first time he had gone out with the missionaries. So, we asked his mom to take the pic and I'm pretty sure it was the first time she had ever seen a digital camera.....she took the camera and put her eye up to the lens and started telling us that she couldn't see anything, and asking how the camera works and we were all basically dying laughing because we were all looking at her eye super-close-up on the screen. And then we explained to her how there are these new cameras and you just have to look at the screen and that shows what you are looking at! lol She said that she wasn't very updated in technology (If she hadn't said that I would have never guessed!!!!! lol NOT hahaha). It was pretty funny and the priest was kind of embarrassed because of his mom lol.
We met an Atheist this week....I think that was the first atheist person I've ever met. They have interesting ideas, but they just don't make sense! lol I love the Gospel cause it just makes sense! It's so simple and clear and true. And I love the chance that I have every day to share it with the ecuadorians :) We are truly blessed to be members of this Church and to have our testimonies and know the things we know.
Well, that's the news for this week. Not much, but oh well :) I love you SO much family! Thanks for being awesome! Share the gospel with everyone :)
Love ya!
Love, Elder Beck

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