Monday, November 1, 2010


Hola mi querida familia!!
How's everybody doing this week? I'm doing great...this week was a really great week! :) Have I ever told you all how much I LOVE the mission?? I know it is the best thing that I could possibly be doing at this point in my life. And time FLIES while you're a missionary!! I can't believe it is November...what happened with October?! lol
On Friday, we had a Mission leadership council (or counsel...I'm not sure which would be the correct one? lol). Pres. and Sister Gamboa talked a lot about an area training they had been to a couple weeks ago in Peru with the Area presidency. They say that they want to double or even triple the number of baptisms. And they say that we have a LOT of work to do :) They said that the missionaries do NOT give solutions. The missionaries need to teach the investigadores how to solve their own problems and that they need to learn to sacrifice. Without sacrifice, the things that they achieve won't mean anything to them, because they didn't have to do anything to achieve it. They say that if we apply that, the converts will be more converted and firm in the Gospel. It's so true...and we need to change the way we have been doing things :)
Yesterday, in one of our wards it was the Primary Program sacrament meeting. It wasn't nearly as funny as some that I have seen back home, but there was one pretty funny part. The kids sang their first song, which sounded really good and brought the Spirit. And then the first kid who got up to say his part literally screamed into the mic. That would have been funny by itself, but the kid did something else that made it even funnier. When he screamed he obviously scared himself because of how loud it sounded in the mic, and he kind of jerked and poked himself in the eye with the mic. And then that made him start crying and he ran and sat down in his seat lol. It was hilarious.
This week, we have been running around like crazy doing baptism interviews in our Zone. We almost didn't have time to teach our investigadores because of it haha. But they all went well :) And...we had THREE baptisms in our sector too!!! Jennifer, Johanna, and Xiomara (she-oh-mar-uh) got baptized on Saturday! It was a great baptism and they were so happy. They are 3 sisters, and their mom will be baptized shortly too..but she wasn't ready to be baptized this week. The 3 sisters were baptized by 3 members of the ward too, which was awesome. It was the first time one of them had baptized somebody :) On sunday, after they were confirmed, they shared their testimonies and it was great. Simple and pure :) I love being a part of this marvelous work.
Lastly, thanks for the PACKAGE I receieved this week!!!! Chocolate pies, rubber band bracelets (those will be a big hit with the kids here..they are SOO popular right now), Pop Rocks, Rachelle and Joplin's wedding announcement (my companion can't believe how good-looking the people are in the States and other parts of the world lol), the Garfield comic about the chicken soup lol,the letter from Mom, and letters from my buds in the mission. Thanks a ton!! I love getting packages...have I mentioned that before? haha
Well, that's the news for this week!!! I hope everybody has an amazing week. I hope your Halloween was great! I love you all SOO much! Thanks for everything!!! I'll send the baptism pics next week, cause I'm out of time this week. Sorry!
Love, Elder Beck

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