Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday, FunDay

Hola mi querida familia!!!!!

How's all the fam doing this week??? I am doing great this week :) Today is Monday, and I love mondays! We're not doing anything out of the ordinary today, but Monday is FunDay cause I get to write to my family and read your letters...and I LOVE that! And I love next week cause next week is CHRISTMAS!!! And I'm guessing that next week will be PHONE CALL week! We still haven't heard officially what day we'll be able to do the phone calls, but last year it was any day the week of Christmas and I think it'll be the same this year. I'll have to let you know the day and the time next week though, cause I'm not 100% sure.

THANKS FOR THE PACKAGE that I received last week!!!! Peanut butter, CTR rubber band bracelets, sour patch kids, beef jerky, card from Aunt Michele (Thanks Michele!!!!), ADORABLE pics of Emma, Regan, and Lyla, Spanish stickers and bookmarks, General Conference Ensign, Church News, article about Gilbert temple, and letters. THANKS a ton! I love getting packages :)

So, the big news of this week is that we went to the TEMPLE!!!!! We went on Wednesday morning, and Elder Muhlestein and Elder Baum were there, so it was fun to see them :) There are only 1 or 2 "gringos" who go home before us and then we'll be the oldest "gringos" in the mission. That makes me feel Time goes by so fast! Anyways, we got there a while before our session so we got to do some Initiatories and that was amazing. It is crazy to think about how much stuff I had makes me want to go A LOT when I am back home! It feels so great to be in the can really feel that it is the Lord's house. It's great to be able to help people who have passed away by going to the temple, too. After initiatories we did a session and that was great too. After the session we ate lunch in the temple (chicken, rice, soup...woo hoo! lol) And then we had our Zone Conference in the Temple's hotel, which is right next to the temple....just like last year. This year, the temple president didn't talk to us in the Zone Conference though. It was all so spiritual though, and it helped me get more excited to keep up the hard work, and help a lot of people to find the way back to our Heavenly Father's presence.

Speaking of hleping people find the way back to our Heavenly Father's presence, there are some people who are progressing and excited to get baptized on Christmas! I think there are 7 people who are almost for-sure baptisms for that day :) We have been working hard and praying a lot and it is really paying off. The Lord is hearing our prayers and blessing us for our hard work. It feels so good to be a missionary!

Well, that's the news for this week :) It's not much, but hey, some weeks are like that haha. I hope that you guys all have a great week :) I hope you all can always feel how much I love you. I pray for all of you every day. Thanks for all of your prayers for me :) Thanks for all of the letters! I LOVE hearing from you. And next week I'll actually get to HEAR from you! :D

I love you!!!!!!!
Love, Elder Beck

PS. Here are some pics

Me at the temple...that's my Christmas card for this year ;)

My comp and I by the Christmas tree in the Temple's hotel (I look like a peacock...)

And the pic I took of myself...of course ;) ENJOY!!! Love you all!

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