Monday, December 20, 2010


Hola mi Querida Familia!!!

First, the big and exciting news is that on Friday, Christmas Eve, I will get to TALK with all of you on the phone!!!! I'm SO excited that I almost can't wait...but I have to lol. It will be awesome to hear everyone's voices. The phone call will be at 1230 AZ time, 230 Ecuador time (don't forget Dad ;) lol). There isn't much time to write, but that's ok today, cause I can tell you a bunch of stuff on the PHONE! :)

But, THANKS FOR THE PACKAGE that I got last week! Missionary figurines, chocolate almonds, blessing and ordinance cards, M&Ms, and Thanksgiving letters! I love all of it! It's always great to receive packages ;)

This week I saw Mountain of the Lord for the first time in's not so good in Spanish lol. I wanted to hear the guy say 'By RAIL!!!!' with the thick scottish accent! And it's not the same to hear Brigham Young speaking in Spanish and saying 'I will not move from this spot until I know what I am to do.' lol But, it's still a good movie, and some day I'll be able to see it again in English :)

This week my companion and I have been running around like a head with its chicken cut off (lol) getting things ready for the baptisms this Saturday! I'm so excited for that, and excited that people want to get baptized on Christmas Day. That will be a great gift for Jesus :)

Well, I'll save the rest of the news for FRIDAY when I get to TALK on the PHONE with all of you!!! I love you SOOOOOOOO much! Thanks for writing! MERRY CHRISTMAS ON SATURDAY!!!! I love you!

Love, Elder Beck

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