Tuesday, June 21, 2011



Hola mi querida familia!!!!!

I just can't hold in all of my excitement!!!!!!! Especially after reading all of your letters.....talk about trunky! lol But I've still got 1 more week to work hard...and get to know a new companion AND new sector!

First, we had 4 baptisms this week!!!!! Lorena Medina got baptized on Friday and her 2 daughters Milena and Ximena (the X is pronounced like an H). And Rossanna Rivera was baptized on Saturday too. They were both such great baptismal services. And all of 4 of them were SO prepared when we found them. Lorena was a contact that my comp. did when I was in Montecristi. They just started talking with her a gave here a Book of Mormon. And then when I was back, we talked with her and her daughters and they said they wanted to get baptized. They went to Elian's baptism that week, and to Church the next day. And they went to Church the past 2 weeks too. It was almost too easy with them...they were definitely GOLDEN investigators! And now they are golden converts ;) Lorena is a widow..they killed her husband last year. And Rossanna showed up at Church 3 Sundays ago with a member-family that had recently moved to our ward and we thought she was a member too. But the next week (Last Sunday), she told us she wanted to be baptized....and she was baptized the same week! A very golden investigator/now-recent-convert too. She is a single mom, 20 years old....with a 6 year old..crazy right? She's younger than me and has a 6 year old. But she immediately wanted to change and she did it! It is incredible how the Lord prepares people so quickly. To be baptized, we just need the desire and we need to obey the commandments. Lots of knowledge isn't that important. I love the mission!!!

And now the big news... Yes, that's right, I was transfered yesterday! Who could have predicted that?? Definitely not me...but it looks like Pinza's going to train, so I guess it's OK ;) So, on Sunday night I received the 'dreaded' phone call and started packing. And throwing away lots of stuff. And putting lots of stuff in a bag for Mamita Fanny to give away. And then Mamita Fanny came with her family to say bye to me and cried lol. And we talked for like an hour and a half...till almost 11pm. I'm going to miss Portoviejo SO much! She wants to go to AZ to visit me and meet all of you.....we'll see if that happens one day! She said this year she's going to Canada...maybe next year to AZ ;) I want you to meet her too.

So, on Sunday night I didn't sleep AT ALL and on Monday morning we were in a bus on our way to Guayaquil at 330am. We got to the bus terminal at 730am and they sent me and Elder Muhlestein to the Mission house. They told us to change in to our suits and we waited there for a little while and all of the Latins that finished this change were there. And all of the Latins went 3 by 3 to the Mission offices and had their "I'm-going-home" interviews with President Gamboa. Then a small bus (no, not the "short bus" lol) showed up at the house and we all went to President Gamboa's house. We chatted for a while with him and Sister Gamboa and then we ate..... A LOT!!! Remember when I talked about ceviche on the phone? That was the appetizer with some BIG shrimp..YUM! And then the main plate was a giant piece of really tasty fish, with some cheesy potatoes, vegetables, and homemade bread! And maracuy√° juice (I'm going to miss that juice so much...they say it doesn't exist in the US cause the Americans do something with the seeds and turn them into drugs lol!). And dessert was a big brownie with chocolate ice cream. I felt like I was eating at home!!!! The only people that were missing were all of you ;) But soon we'll be eating like that ALL together ;)

After we finished eating, I felt like I wasn't going to be able to stand up...and apparently everybody else felt the same way, cause we all just stayed there and kept talking lol. And then I had my "I'm-going-home" interview with Pres. Gamboa in his home office and it went well. He said that if a missionary goes home and doesn't feel tired and worn out, it's cause he wasn't a good missionary and he didn't give it all he had. I think I have been a pretty good missionary then, cause I'm EXHAUSTED! lol And then we went to the airport in the small (not "short" lol) bus and dropped off all of the missionaries that were actually going home. There were 19 of them! And then Elder Muhlestein and I went back to the mission office and met our companions (for ONE WEEK) and went to our sectors. It looks like Elder Muhlestein and I go to Atlanta on the same flight.

My new companion, for now, is Elder Rodriguez (another one ;) ) from Nicaragua (from a neighboring stake of Elder Contreras). He's already been out 21 months, and we just found out that he's going to train too. I don't know when his 'son' will get here, and I don't know where they'll leave me if he gets here this week lol. I'm basically just floating around here until next Monday. The other missionaries say that I'm more dead than alive hahaha. But now you all know why I didn't write yesterday ;) I hope nobody got TOO worried..I know a little worried is inevitable lol.

I hope each and every one of you knows how much I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you all have a great week this week! Next week, I'll say that to you in person! I am SOOOOOO excited and can hardly wait to see all of you in Arizona, in person, and not just in pics...even though I really have loved the pics ;) I LOVE YOU ALL SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now is when you can seriously get trunky ;) lol

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love, Elder Beck

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