Monday, June 13, 2011

SUPER P-day! My last one...


Hola mi querida familia!!!!

How is everybody doing this week? I hope everyone is great...and not TOO trunky. We'll still get to write at least 1 more time..and then you can get as trunky as you want ;) WOW..I can't believe we'll probably only get to write 1 more's just weird (but SUPER exciting) to think about that! I can't keep thinking about that so much haha. 2 nights ago Sister Gamboa called and told me all of the stuff I need to know because it's almost time to go home. Just stuff like, don't leave things in the house. If you're not going to take something home, throw it away or give it away. Give away your mattress cover to somebody who needs it and throw away your pillow. ETC. I think that phone-call has the nickname 'Trunky phone call' ....I wonder why??? lol

Just one more trunky thing that I thought of this week... I need an appointment with Dr. Lavender when I get home ;) lol He is still working right? And we still go to him? I hope so, cause this week I have really been wishing for a nice 'atlas adjustment' ;) Thanks!

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY ON SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dad, I love you and thanks for being SUCH a great father! I couldn't ask for a better one ;) And Happy Father's Day to the other fathers in the family, even though you're not my father ;)

Yesterday in Church there were some more changes in leadership callings and something exciting happened. Vilma Corrales was called as 2nd counselor in the Ward Relief Society Presidency! She's an awesome convert and she is so ready and excited to work. She seems like she's been a member of the Church for many years ;)

Lately, I have been praying a lot for a miracle to happen before I go home. And last week something happened that I think could be an answer to those prayers. One day, we decided to walk down a street that we almost never walk down cause it's kinda out of the way. As we walked down the street 2 guys started shouting at us saying "Hey you! Come over here! We have to talk to you!" My comp. and I were a little hesitant to go talk to them cause they honestly looked like they wanted to rob us lol. But they started telling us that their brother is member of the Church in another part of Ecuador, that he served a mission in Bolivia, that his life is really good, and that they've always liked the Church and looked up to the missionaries. They said they had been observing my companion and me for a few weeks and they had wanted to call us over, but other neighbors said that they shouldn't talk to us. But finally, they just decided to do it. We taught them and they said they believed that all that we taught was true. We invited them to be baptized on June 25 and they accepted immediately and asked US when and where they had to go to Church. Yesterday we went to pick them up for Church and they were already waiting outside their house, all ready for Church with ties and everything! They participated a lot in the classes and afterwards they said they really liked it and that they wished it lasted longer. So, I'm thinking that this could very possibly be a miracle! Especially if they get baptized on June 25....there are very few people that get baptized on their first date, but I know they'll do it. Once again, I know that the Lord answers our prayers and that miracles still exist. I love the mission!

We've also got a few baptisms planned for this week ;) That's all the news for this week, family!!!! I love all of you SOOOOOO much! Soon, we'll be able to talk in person, and not have to send emails ;) But until then, I'll keep loving P-days and emails! I LOVE you family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Elder Beck

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