Monday, August 24, 2009

Week 5

So its another monday already!! And i have passed the one month mark. Pretty excting :) Time is going fast....
Thanks fam for the package of cookies! They were really good and soft :) We had a 1 month party last week and I brought a bunch of candy and stuff that I had gotten from you guys. It was lots of fun :)
So last week we taught a lesson on the Plan of Salvation and families and I took one of those photo albums that carlie, aby, and nicole made for thanks for that :) People had lots of fun looking at the pictures.
Something cool and exciting for me....the other night I was saying my personal prayer and I realized about halfway through that I was saying it in Spanish and I didn't even mean to! It was pretty neat :)
So a couple times in the past month our whole zone has done a tie-trade. I took a couple plain gray ones that I didn't really like and got some more bright-colored ones that I do like lol. During one tie trade some other elders got mad at our zone for doing a tie trade cause their zone isn't allowed to do tie was pretty funny. We checked with our branch president the next day to make sure we were allowed to do them and he said he wanted to come to the next one and get some new ties :) lol.
Elder Baum and I are now teaching ONLY in Spanish and we have a couple appointments a day to teach. It's been lots of fun and it really is helping us. There's a place called the TEC and you sign up on the computer to teach pretend investigators there in english, spanish, or whatever language you're speaking. It's so helpful!
Yesterday we got to see the Oquirrh Mountain Temple Dedication. They broadcasted it to a bunch of stake centers up here and the MTC. It was really neat. In some of the talks they mentioned stories about Guayaquil and Asunscion(where the other 5 guys in our district are going) so we felt like a pretty special district lol.
Mom and dad, am I supposed to get a flight reimbursement sometime while I'm here? Do you know when, if I am? Also, am I supposed to get a water purifier? I don't remember that being on the list but some people have been talking about them...
A couple times during firesides/devotionals we have sang Come, Come, Ye Saints. I now LOVE that hymn...everyone should read the words to it, it is great :)
The boy from HSM sang a duet last night at the Fireside and he was really good. It was a song about Joseph and Hyrum. And last night he was walking around saying his line from HSM ("Is that even Legal?!") and I could totally recognize that it was him. It was hilarious lol.
I think that's about it for now...I've got some time left over so reply and I'll try to reply today! :)
Elder Beck :)

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