Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Week 3

Hey family!!!! I can't believe how fast time is going. The MTC has been lots of fun..but i am def glad that its going fast lol. I think the food rotations start over this week so we're starting to see the same stuff from my first couple days here lol.
Mom, will you please send deodorant and my long-sleeve underarmour gray shirt? It's been a little cold this week actually and our room is FREEZING at night haha.
I thought Emma would be excited to hear this.... There is a kid in my district that went to East High, but he wasn't in HSM haha. But...there is another kid in my zone who WAS in HSM #1 and he is the one in the cafeteria I think who says "Is that even legal?!" hahaha He has red look for him lol.
I got my patriarchal blessing reduced and laminated this week and I got my Spanish scriptures engraved with my name :) For FREE...if you get them from the MTC bookstore, they'll engrave for free :) Pretty sweet. Everything is so cheap there cause we get a missionary discount (like 40%) haha.
This past week our Tuesday night devotional was not from the top 15 again :( lol But it was Merril J Bateman. He is currently the provo temple president and I think he was the general sunday school president and some other stuff. So that was pretty cool :)
The spirit is SO strong here all the time. It's amazing. I wish i had more time to email so i could just tell you all the neat stuff that comes to my mind. Endowment session this morning was great...there were FIVE people going through for the first time so that was neat.
Well I can't think of anything else to write right now but I have 15 mins so write back and I'll try and reply today! :) It's 4pm right now and we can email until 6pm :)
Letters going in the mail tonight or tomorrow morning!
keep praying :)
Love, patrick
In letters to the fam: He's lost 4 lbs and we is exercising every morning.

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