Monday, March 22, 2010

8 Months!

Hola mi familia!!!

How is everybody doing this week? Great, I hope :)

Everything is still going great here in Vinces and we are working hard and finding lots of new people to teach. For a while, we didn't find almost anyone, but this week we found 13 people! They say they are willing to listen, and they said that they are willing to get baptized :) We'll see how it goes with all of them :)

As you might have noticed from the Subject of this email...I have been in the mission 8 MONTHS!!!!! Wow!!! The time has gone by so fast. That's a third of the mission..woah haha.

So, there is this recent convert in our branch that is super excited to be a member and wants to share the Gospel with everybody...and does it! This week, we went to her house and she opened the door and said "Hi how are you? My mother in law wants to get baptized." So...we went in and taught her mother in law and put a baptism date for April 10th! AND she came to church yesterday! Amazing how the Lord prepares people.

Another day, we were knocking some doors and this guy opened the door and he didn't look too promising. He opened the door and said hi, was wearing only boxers, and then shut the door. We turned around to walk away and were thinking about where to go next, and then he opened the door and was all dressed and said to come in. So we went in and told him who we were and started teaching him. He had great questions, that the message of the Restoration answers clearly. The spirit was so strong in that lesson and I know that he is going to progress.

So that's the news here in Vinces when it comes to teaching the Gospel.

Other eyes burn when I am in air conditioning now. That's not good....I don't know what Ecuador is doing to me lol.

This week was the Regatas here in Vinces. The big thing was a boat race on Sunday that started in the river in Guayaquil and ended in the river here in Vinces. The most important part of all the parties though seemed to be beer. I have NEVER seen so much beer in my life! lol The whole park where the Eiffel Tower is was full of beer and they had giant posters of beer hanging from the bridges over the river, etc. Beer, beer, beer. Yesterday we were walking to an appointment and there was a woman sitting on the curb throwing was nasty lol. The members here said that Vinces was Sodom and Gomorra (I don't know how to spell that in spanish lol) and Babylon combined into one city for the weekend haha. It was a little bit crazy, but pres gamboa said that we could still leave the house :)

Last thursday I taught the relief society how to make the choc chip cookies and they turned out great and everybody loved them. I made them doughy, just like I like them. And I got to eat some dough that was good haha.

Mom and dad...what's the name of our ward and our bishop? Cause if that stuff changes we have to tell Pres Gamboa and I haven't told him that stuff haha.


Well...I think that's about it for the week :) I love you all SOOOOOOOOO much! Thanks for everything you do for me :) Keep it up with the letters and prayers and everything!

Love you all!
Love, Elder Beck

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