Monday, March 29, 2010

29 MAR 2010

Hola mi querida familia!!!

¿Como están todos?

Everything is goin great on this side of the equator :) Kind of a slow news week this week.

But, I would like to send a TON of thanks for the packages that I got this week :)

Aby and Brent and fam- thanks for the birthday package! M&Ms (those didn't even make it back to the comp and I ate the whole bag on the bus ride to the house lol), mints, gum, Fruit Punch powder, sour candy, and the great letters! Thanks a ton... I love you guys so much!

Mom and Dad-thanks for the packages with the cakes, peanut butter, letters, letters from Elder Beatty, Shoemaker, and Karlderwood, Church News, Apple Pie Recipe, and Mom's Stake Conf talk. Mom, I was reading your talk this morning and I felt the Spirit so strongly! You are awesome :) I always think of when we went to the Sacred Grove and we all had a bit of alone time. That was the day that I knew for sure, for myself, that the story of Joseph Smith was true. I've shared that story many times with investigators and every time I feel the same strong spirit. It really strengthens my testimony. Don't be afraid to open your mouth and share the Gospel with your friends and family. If they don't accept, that's okay cause you're doing your part to try to help others :)

Mom, I would like a simple recipe for Cheesecake, please :)

This Saturday we had a baptism! Moisès Burgos got baptized. He has come to church for MONTHS with his grandma and his parents FINALLY said that he could get baptized. I have a feeling that one day they will accept it for themselves too :)

This Thursday we have a wedding planned for Luis and Maribel!!! Right now, Elder Contreras and I are going to go to Babahoyo to get all the paperwork done, and we're hoping everything works out for Thursday. They have progressed SOO much in the past couple weeks. Maribel used to say that she never wants to get married...and now she wants to get married and baptized. Luis accepted from the beginning...we've just been trying to help Maribel lol. I thought it was usually the guy that doesn't want to get married..but not in Ecuador I guess haha. They have a Baptism date for April 10th :)

Also, the mother in law of the recent convert that we found last week has a baptism date for April 10th :) I hope all continues going well with her and Luis and Maribel!

Well, that's it for this week! I love you all so much!!!!!! You all really are the best :) Thanks for everything.

Love ya!
Elder Beck

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