Monday, March 8, 2010


Hola mi querido familia!

How is everybody doing? I love you all SOOOOO much!

Not alot has happened this week (again) but there is some exciting/kinda crazy news coming soon :)

Something funny that happened this week... Elder Morataya and I were talking to this inactive Hermana. Out of the blue, Elder M pointed at the lady's belly and said "Is that belly from food or are you pregnant?!" and the hermana answered "No, I'm just fat." I wanted to say that line that we have in the family for moments like that one ("Are you a moron???") But I decided it would be better not to say it (and I don't know how to say moron en Español LOL). But, I doubt that that Hermana will be returning to church any time soon :P lol

This week has been full of birthday celebrations for Elder M and I. The RS made a cake for Elder M's birthday but not for mine cause they say you can't celebrate early, but you CAN celebrate late (typical of Ecuador...late lol). But this week they're making lasagna for my birthday :) I'm excited haha. And lots of members invited us to eat in their houses. I ate lots of good food this weekend...and VOLCANOES of rice haha. One family made us fried chicken and french fries, and bought an ice cream cake and everything. It was lots of fun :)

So, there is this one family that has a ranch with banana fields, animals, and tilapia ponds. And Pres. Gamboa has given us permission to eat fish only from them. So, this week one family bought tilapia from them and gave us fish for lunch. And guess what? I liked it! haha I would still prefer beef...but I was pretty good :)

I got a lot of packages this week from mom and dad, trevor and nicole, and grandma and grandpa :) I opened them on my birthday so that was lots of fun to have some birthday presents with lots of fun treats :) Thanks for all of that!

And was CAMBIOS!!!! Last night at about 10:30 the APs called and told Elder Morataya that he has going to a new sector (he's opening a new sector for his last change in the mission) and they told me that I needed to bring clothes for 2-3 days because I would be staying in Guayaquil. So we went to bed late last night and woke up really early this morning to get to the Guayaquil bus terminal at 8am. So when we got there I got my temporary companion until wednesday. Elder Romero from Bolivia! He has a brother here in the mission too..pretty crazy huh? So I am in the big city of guayaquil right next to La Florida in a sector called Bastión Popular. Supposedly it's dangerous...thankfully I'm only here until wednesday hahah. And on Wednesday I will be returning to Vinces 2 with my "son" !!!!! I am going to be training this change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAHHHHHH!! haha Kinda crazy lol. But I will go and do what the Lord wants me to do :)

So, that's the big news for this week. Next week you will be receiving pics of me and my new companion :) Pray for me extra hard this week. I'm not gonna lie, I'm a little nervous lol. But I know that the Lord will help me, especially with prayer. Last night I said a prayer and I immediately felt calm and happy. The miracles of prayer really are amazing. Sorry the letter's a little short. Thanks for everything family! I love you all SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much! You're the best in the world!

Love, Elder Beck

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