Monday, March 1, 2010

Brownies, Baptism, and Birthdays

Hola mi querido familia!

Como están todos? Espero que estén bien :)

Well...this week there wasn't alot of funny or crazy things that happened, but it was still a good (and FAST) week! I can't believe that it is March already! Once again...time flies by!

(read the following paragraph as if you had a lisp...) So, one day I was looking up a word in the dictionary and came across the word 'lisp'. I've always thought that word was kinda funny and mean cause the people that have a lisp can't say that they have a lisp without people laughing at them lol. But, in Spanish it's even worse.....the word for lisp in Spanish is 'ceceo' (pronounced say-say-oh...or if you have a lithp...... they-they-oh). I laughed SO hard when I read that that was the word and thought of someone with a strong lisp trying to say it hahaha. Forgive me please if someone with a lisp reads this.... :)

On thursday the RS sisters made brownies in their weekly activity and gave us elders some, too. And they were SO good! It has been too long since I have eaten brownies lol. And I got to 'lick the bowl' too. I was in heaven haha :)

Almost exactly 24 hours after the earthquake in Chile there was a small earthquake here in Ecuador! It was strong enough to shake my bed and wake me up... But by the time that I realized that it wasn't my companion shaking my bed, it was over haha. Still pretty exciting and crazy though. It is a weird sensation to feel an earthquake.

I got some packages this week from home!!!! Thanks so much!! I love the valentines card that you send mom and smells like chocolate! haha And my english hymn book...I was excited to see that :) And everything else you sent was great! I am always surprised to see how much you fit into those envelopes/boxes haha.

Today is Elder Morataya's birthday...he is 27! I thought I was going to be old.... lol I still can't believe that I will be 20 years old on Saturday. Thanks to all of you for the birthday wishes :) My comp and I are going to find something tasty to eat this week to celebrate :) It won't be Tony Roma's.....but it'll still be good haha.

ON SATURDAY WE HAD A BAPTISM!!!!!!! Edilma Zenovia Lozano Muñoz got baptized saturday, and confirmed sunday. She bore her testimony after her baptism and it was awesome. She said that the past is in the past, and now she doesn't have to worry about it. And that she will always pray to understand the scriptures. And some other great stuff. Powerful testimony...and it always strengthens my testimony to hear converts' testimonies. It was pretty funny when we were inviting people to her baptism cause her name -Zenovia- sounds like 'su novia' (which means 'your girlfriend'). So everybody thought we were saying that their girlfriend was getting baptized. We got some funny responses like "My girlfriend is already a member." and "I don't have a girlfriend?!" Fun stuff lol.

Random for Mom......the other day I was drinking from a water bottle and it made that whistling noise that you do when you drink from water bottles sometimes. It made me think of you :) haha Good times :)

Well, I hope everything is great in the North :) I love you all SOOOOO much! Eat some cake and ice cream for me on saturday! Or just ice cream..... :) lol

Love ya!
Love, almost-20-year-old Elder Beck

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