Monday, March 29, 2010


A delicious lunch that we ate this week. A huge plate of french fries with sausage and ketchup and mayo. (I think I might like Fry Sauce now haha) We avoided volcanos of rice 3 days in a row this week! I'm pretty sure that has to be a record here in Ecuador lol.

A picture that was in the Ensign for March ( I think) of missionaries teaching in BABAHOYO :) Did you guys notice that picture? I saw it and totally thought that is was Babahoyo and it is haha.

The baptism of Moises (he's the kid standing next to the bald guy) Try to ignore the little girl that the dad threw on my lap for the picture lol. She didn't want me to touch her so I couldn't help her with her shirt or help her sit up straight haha.

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