Monday, May 24, 2010

10 Months...?

Hola mi querida familia!!

How's everybody doing this week? Sounds like there has been some fun with the birth of Lyla Grace :) I can't believe I have 8 nieces and nephews now...and I can't believe how CUTE every one of them is! We DO have a good-lookin family :)

Another thing that I can't believe is that I passed my 10 month-er in the mission already. Saturday was the 10 month mark :) Time FLIES so fast! It's really a lot of fun and it is such a great experience to be in the mission. But 10 months is really close to 1 year...and people say after the 1 year mark the time goes even faster. What?! But how is that even possible?? We'll see what happens :)

Today is 'super' p-day :) So, we cleaned the house extra-good this morning. It was my turn to clean the bathroom, and that thing needed an OCD cleaning...and that's what I did lol. I don't understand some peoples' ideas of 'clean''s a little gross sometimes haha.

Yesterday something funny happened when we were teaching a lesson. We were teaching an Hermana about faith and how it is things that you can't see but you can feel and know that they are true. We like to compare it with the heart of the investigator. We say something along the lines of, "For example, you have never seen your heart, but you believe that you have a heart, right?" And they always say yes and then we ask why they believe they have a heart, and then they say it's cause they can feel it. And that's how it is with faith :) But yesterday it happened a little My comp started saying "you have never seen your heart..." and the hermana interrupted him and said (with attitude) "Actually, I have seen my heart. I had open-heart surgery and I watched my heart on all of the monitors and stuff." -In my head "Alrighty then!" haha- I almost laughed out loud, cause that never happens. It was funny. And then we started to explain that MOST people haven't seen their heart but they know that it is there cause they can feel it. haha From now on, I'll be asking if they have had open heart surgery BEFORE using that example lol.

I did another baptism interview on Saturday. It went well :) First thing when the guy walked in, he started telling me what every commandment included...I had to calm him down and explain that I would ask some questions and he could answer calmly and that there was nothing to worry about lol. I think he is pretty excited to get baptized :) Fun experiences haha

Well, that's it for this week. It has been a pretty normal missionary week :) Any day this week could possibly be CHANGES. I'll for sure be letting you know all about that next week, if there are changes or not. We're hoping for NOT...but who knows what'll happen??? haha I love you all SOOO much! Thanks for everything! Give new baby Lyla lots of kisses from Uncle Pat :)

Love ya!
Love, Elder Beck

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