Monday, May 10, 2010


Hey family!!!!!

First off, yesterday. That was the BEST way EVER to start the day, talking with all of you! SO great to hear your voices and hear that everyone is doing good. Happy Mother's day, once again, cause they are still celebrating it here :) haha

I got 2 packages, one last week and one today! Thanks for everything! Last weeks-gum, peanut butter, pb M&Ms, church news, Al's school pic (cute :)), and letters! And the one I got today- the scriptures for E Contreras (He says thanks!), socks, the David Bowman art cards (those new ones are SO great!), the Priesthood Ordinance helper cards, oreos, and HLJ rings! Thanks so much! The one that I got today got here SUPER fast! It took 10 days to leave your hands and be in my hands :)

Next package could you please send Cetaphil? The kind in the bottle, not the bar soap kind. The bottle kind works better.. Thanks!!!! :)

By the way, I'm writing late today cause last night we got a call saying that we had Interviews with Pres Gamboa in Quevedo (about 3 hours away). Those went well and we got back to Vinces as fast as we could to write :)

So, I wrote down something that I wanted to tell you on the phone, but I was so excited to talk to you that I didn't tell it to you! haha But, that means that there's something to write today :) lol

Luis was ordained a Priest a couple weeks ago! And last week he blessed the Sacrament! That was such a neat experience for me :) And last week, he bore his testimony in fast and testimony meeting and said he was thankful for Elder Contreras and I and the 3 Castro Hermanas and that we helped to save his life and that we were like guardian angels. The Spirit was PODEROSO (powerful). All I could do was smile...I'm so thankful for these experiences.

Random....there is a brand of ice cream here that is called 'Pu-Pu' (pronounced poo-poo) lol. I always laugh when I see it...who would want to eat PuPu ice cream?! Not I'm not sure what pu-pu means in spanish...but hopefully not what it sounds like in English haha.

Well, That's it for this week! I love you all so much! Before we know it, we'll be talking on the phone again at Christmas-time!!!!! But until then, we'll just have to email alot :) haha Thanks for everything! I hope mom and sisters had a great Mother's Day! I love all of you!!!!!

Love, Elder Beck

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